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Join original Charmed cast members as they discuss their time on the hit TV show episode by episode. Hear behind the scenes stories and get insight into the production process of the hit cult show.

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  • LohgannAva
    Dreams do come true!!
    * I just realized today that my review for you guys never went through. Thankfully, it was still saved so that I could still send it, although, it almost doesn’t make sense to anymore. But as it was meant to send before the recent sad news of Shannen’s passing, I still feel the need to post it so that you understand the true happiness that you and Shannen bring/brought to people. May your hearts rest in peace, and you continue to do her proud with this podcast. And of course will be a hit, if it’s anything like your previous HOH, as your personalities, all shine and mesh so perfectly together. Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do for your Halliwell Clan. It turns out the dreams really do come true! I was super stoked for the first podcast of HOH, but having Shannen on it makes it that much more perfect! I’m sure I’m saying what everybody else is thinking and saying. Rewatch it with the original cuts and original music, so you can get all the good feels back, and even some of the not so good feels. It will be that much more real and enthralling. And CBS, bring back the reboot with the OG’s already!! Please and Thank You!!! ☪️
  • El Cat
    Thank you
    Thank you for doing this podcast and for all you continue to do for the fans. Many condolences also to you all regarding Shannen’s passing. I’m grateful that we have even a few episodes to appreciate. Thank you, thank you.
  • Miladys Rose
    My condolences💚
    I’m completely heartbroken over Shannen’s passing and to those that loved her. She had so much to give still. I can’t wait to hear the episodes with her in it. Shannen you are forever Charmed and thank you for lighting a fire that will never go away. Let’s do this!
  • mybaby06
    Thank you so much for doing this podcast! I am enjoying listening to you guys talk about everything about the show/ episodes. I’ll be listening every week. Rip, Shannon!
  • J_sims416
    I Love You All So Very Much
    I don’t think I’ve ever commented on anything involving you all but oh my gosh Charmed has always been my life ever since I was five and my mom would turn it on to scare me when I was being bad. Once I got a little older I absolutely fell in love with the show and with you fabulous women (and men)! Holly: I love you. I hope when you read this you smile. You women taught me how to be a man. Y’all helped me come to terms with my sexuality. You all taught me what love is. I owe you all everything. Everyone says “its just a show” NO you angels are my family whether I know you personally or not. I am so very heartbroken and sorry to hear of the passing of Shannen. Holly I know she was your best friend and I know its going to be extremely difficult for you to move on. Take as much time as you need. I cried pretty much all day Sunday 7/14/24 when my own best friend told me the news. I have never cried so much in my life. Feels like a piece of my childhood left with Shannen. I can only imagine how you feel. However, I like to look at the brighter side of things. Shannen is resting peacefully in Heaven looking down on all of us and she would want all of us to mourn her loss but to continue living our full authentic lives, I know this. My heart goes out to you Holly and to her family and other loved ones. BK: I love you man. You taught me what a man should be and what a husband should be and what a father should be. Drew: I love you. You were not on the show as much as the others but you will always have a special place in my memory for your role of Piper and Leo’s son. Also your personality is infectious I love it so much! I hope you all continue the podcast but please definitely take some time. If I was famous I would ask to come join but that would never happen haha. I love you all and I want you to keep smiling and living your lives. Thank you so much. Y’all will never know how much this show truly means to me on a very very personal level. I love you all.
  • sbtank
    Sending so much love! Excited for the new season as well.
    I am so incredibly sorry for your loss, Shannen will be truly missed and her memory will live on! I am looking forward to listening to the new season of the podcast. Is it possible to give us season 1 and season 2 back? It is not showing up and I wasn’t done listening to all of them yet.
  • lurhxmxmdksjzbduecEdS Sup
    So happy
    I am overjoyed that you all have made this happen! I am a huge fan! Thank you all for making this podcast! love you guys!! :)
  • kittenmeow2021
    Sending so much love and condolences for your loss. I loved watching Shannen as Brenda on 90210 as a teenager. Then I later remember my tremendous excitement knowing that she was coming back to television on Charmed. Her death really breaks my teenage heart. Always loved her grit, toughness and spirit. R.I.P Shannen Doherty 💔😞😢 🤍 🪽
  • Peavy92
    RIP Shannen
    Glad you guys got to do some more episodes with Shannen and glad they will be released. So sad about her passing and you are in my thoughts. Love you guys.
  • speedydave24
    Shannen 💔🥺 Forever Charmed
  • Theonebrittaney
    Blessed Be
    Thank you for raising us 90s kids Shannen. You were the big sister I never had, the woman I aspire to be, and a friend and lover of animals we all should be! I love you all. Sending love and light! ⭐️
  • AnnTampa
    Love this
    Love this!! Thank you for sharing these episodes with Shannen, she was a legend & will be missed so much!!! 🥲💔❤️
  • Kca1705
    Love this
    I absolutely love this❤️ Charmed was and is my favorite TV show! I watched you all since Day 1 and have rewatched the series so many times! I have two daughters….Phoebe and Piper 🥰 Everyone complements me on the names!!! Deepest sympathies to you all on the loss of Shannen 🙏🏻
  • NeikoBroz
    Shannen is forever charmed 💗
    Thank you for posting this first episode today. It’s been a really sad & reflective few days. Sending love to you all at HOH & listening family. After losing Shannen over the weekend this is so peaceful to listen to. Admittedly crying while listening. I hope all her fans can spread kindness and compassion to all animals and humans, that’s what I’ll be doing in her memory and to carry on her legacy for the rest of my life 💫
  • Gem8224
    I looked forward to hearing Shannen- may she rest in peace. My heart is broken 💔
  • josbrock1131
    Love yall
  • Charmingly charmed
    Rip Shannon
    It rips my heart to shreds to see that 1 weeks after signing on, she passed away. I’ve been rewatching the show for the last month(comfort show) and I just finished season 3. So to experience Prue’s death and now Shannon’s, it’s so hard. My heart goes out to the cast and those around her. Blessed be witchlings
  • Vampluvr25
    Love you guys.
    Thank you.
  • Jmam520
    Listening right now!! I love you guys! Can’t tell you how many times I have watched all the seasons. I would love a new show. Deeply saddened about the news of Shannen. Love and light to you all! Please bring the show back! ❤️
  • TwilightBells
    I’m truly sorry for your loss
    Shannon will be truly missed 💔🥀❤️🕊️
  • tashadawnbolling
    I am so sad listening to this and the plans being made, and here we are a week later & Shannen is gone. I’m sorry to you all, her friends & chosen family. She was the 90s queen, and I rooted for her through it all. 😭😭 so so so heartbroken over this one.
  • Mama to 3.
    I’m not sure what to say as I just found this today after listening to Let’s be Clear, Shannen’s last podcast. I’m still looking forward to hearing more. My heart and prayers are with you all.
  • ty2790
    Thank you
    I Literally enjoyed listening to you all! I love Charmed it’s my favorite show ! I have been watching it daily for the last 16 years! I would love to see you again on tv! Sorry for your loss I do truly hope you guys stick to this podcast ♥️ I hope you get through this difficult time! Your true fans love you stay strong!
  • Sara Kahealani
    Love this so much!!!
    I just listened to the first episode yesterday and was so happy to hear Shannon was gonna be on the show 🥰
  • EmmaSparrow
    Farewell, Shannen
    Sending my condolences and love. I’m glad Shannen got a chance to talk about doing a re-do of the rewatch before she passed. I loved her honesty and courage.
  • Toothless lover 89
    So sorry for your loss of your costar
    I’m am so sorry for the loss of your costar and friend Shannen I just saw that she has passed. But she was a heck of a great actress. She did an amazing job as Prue. And she will be missed greatly by all of the fans who loved her and you guys as well.
  • Jberrios1278
    R.I.P. Shannen 💔💔💔😭😭😭😭 my heart is extremely broken
  • Foreverfaith14
    I’m so incredibly sorry for the loss of shannon. I’m so grateful for the episode we did get to list to. I know you guys hearts are heavy this morning. As is mine, thank you for trying to give us this podcast.
  • BlueMoonInn
    Charmed Return
    Love you guys so much! Really hope you can get things worked out for a come back 🧙‍♀️
  • HalfbreedRob
    So glad you guys are finally back and the added bonus of Shannon. Can’t wait to rewatch yet again along you all. Love the show, love the podcast, and now hopefully iheartradio can set yall up with some decent sound systems and we’ll be perfect.
  • Lori8681
    Shannon so glad u joined the podcast. I love charmed I watch it all the time on prime. I would love love a reboot of charmed with the original cast.
  • Razzle671
    So excited!!!!
    I am so happy Shannen was added! I look forward to all the episodes! Have been a Charmed fan from the beginning! 🖤
  • Lacey Ohhh
    Has potential
    I want to like this podcast. I grew up watching Charmed, love all of the characters, storyline, 90s fashion , everything. It’s really hard to listen to everyone talk over each other. I’m not sure if they’re doing this over zoom so there could be a lag in conversation, but it gets annoying. Especially because some mics are louder and lower quality than others. I think having Shannon join is a great idea, but please don’t let your petty side show or make remarks about the cast members you didn’t get along with. Please don’t act as though Rose coming in after you left makes her any less valuable to the show. No matter the drama going on outside of the show EVERY character was important. Everyone is talented. More structure and actual discussion about each episode of show would be fantastic. Overall I’m excited to see where this goes with the changes being made!
  • Alli Wheel
    Charming Podcast
    It is so nice to take an hour every week and relive one of my favorite shows from my youth with the people who I always wanted to be friends with. Really looking forward to the expanding cast.
  • Oscaroblv
    Charmed Again 🤍
    I’m so excited that Shannen Doherty 🤍 is joining the podcast and even better now with iHeart radio. I’m sure great things will come now that they partnered with a great podcast platform. I hope they continue making the fans happy and of course it would be wonderful to have Rose McGowan on the mix. 💛 I hope they are much more organized and thorough and detailed with each episode as they talk about them. It’s going to be interesting having Shannen look at the episodes on the seasons she wasn’t there no more and how she would rate the overall vibe after she left. I personally loved season 1-4 for the dark aspect. Seasons 5-8 became more like fairytale like in my personal experience and a lot of the storylines became more about who Phoebe was gonna sleep or complain about her job. Excited to watch! Nonetheless!!!
  • JessieSage16
    Love love love!
    So happy this podcast came back and with Shannen as well! If the rest of episodes are like this first one, I’m hooked! So excited to listen to all things Charmed!
  • Ameetdaball
    I love that Shannen has joined the crew. Excited to here her perspective and to see if the others have different critiques from the first time! Currently in my fifth time rewatching the series. 😅
  • Busy Little Queen
    Blessed Be!
    This is so exciting that Shannen has joined in on the fun! Prue was essential in the Charmed timeline from beginning to end so to have her on is just amazing and a full circle moment! Can’t wait to rewatch the rewatch! Oh darn if we must 😝
  • ekolu.k
    Huge fan!
    Loving the podcast! I’m a longtime fan of Charmed and I can’t wait to see what comes next 🥹🤍✨
  • OC Music
    Love this!
    Yay that the gang is back together! Love this pod!!!! Let us know how we can advocate for the reboot!!!
  • TrekkieTreyTheTrekker
    Yes to this new version of the podcast!
    Love it !
  • Man0073211
    So excited!
    So glad you all are doing this! I can confirm we still rewatch! Currently rewatching and it’s so nostalgic and comforting!
    It’s back!!!
    Thank god you guys are back! I am so excited for Shannen to join and I can’t wait to hear more from HOH 🤍
  • good4gone
    Welcome Shannen!
    I’m so glad this podcast is back! Happy Shannen has been added to the mix and looking forward to the episodes to come!
  • Ashchristine87
    Being Charmed Back!
    I’ve been rewatching Charmed & I’m hooked all over again like I was when it first aired! So happy to have this podcast! AND MAKE A NEW SHOW!!! We’re so here for it!
  • MSandBen
    Super excited for take 2. Let’s go!!!
  • ashjones09
    My Faves!!!!
    I loved the first three seasons of Charmed so much, they’re the most I rewatch! Prue was so amazing, I named my husky Prudence 🤍 Prue and Piper were ALWAYS my faves! Almost named my daughter Piper, but my husband used a veto on it 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Ambervision
    Charmed 2. 2025
    What I like about a new concept is hopefully all the girls can be incorporated into a new show Shannen, Holly, Rose, & Alyssa.... bringing Shannen back is easy in a charmed universe NOW any sister that doesn't want to give in to negotiations Alyssa well that could be incorporated into it as well. EASILY imo Rose Holly & Shannen would work tho with Alyssa would be best. Xxo
  • Jade404
    Love this rewatch podcast
    I am so glad that the podcast is back. Kinda bummed we have to do season 1 and 2 again. But Charmed is one of my absolute favorite shows I believe that season three was the absolute best season followed by four and seven. Season eight was the absolute worst that whole billy and christy storyline. My favorite sister was Piper and my favorite villain was Cole. you guys have to have Julian on because he was just so good.
  • GlamMa33
    Love This
    I’m an original fan since 1998, and still watch the reruns on TNT. I’ve seen every episode more than a dozen times & more! My son, daughter & I would schedule our day & dinner time on when the show aired on each week. We hardly ever missed an episode. I love each of you, and hated when Prue left the show… although I did fall in love with Paige after the grieving subsided with Prue’s absence. Thank you for your show, and all the countless laughs, tears & “family” time I had with my children. We still talk about our Charmed family time, and how much we miss those cherished moments.
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