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  • bohoscrap
    I’m addicted to this show!
    I love Andy’s authenticity and heart. I’m not even a commercial artist. I’m a Psychologist by day and an art quilter the rest of the time, and this show is motivating in so many ways, no matter what I’m doing! Please don’t stop making these episodes Andy!
  • house twelve
    This episode is beautiful!
  • ironman9orange
    Asome podcast
    this is inspirational a great podcast defiantly recommend
  • Andieo1997
    If you're seeking inspiration and practical guidance for creating a thriving creative practice, look no further than Creative Pep Talk! With a blend of captivating storytelling and actionable strategies, each episode offers a treasure trove of insights for creatives of all backgrounds. Whether you're an artist, writer, designer, or entrepreneur, you'll find invaluable wisdom and motivation to fuel your creative journey!
  • Puppet Girl
    Inspiration with action!
    This is my favorite podcast, hands down. If you are on a creative journey (or want to be on one or wonder what that even means), this is for you.
  • The Real Lucy
    Always Inspiring, especially now!
    LOVE this show. I listen while I create and it occupies my mind so I don’t get too in my head and critical of my painting. This new “trek” the show is taking, beginning with episode 449 “Making Authentic Work You Love Starts With This,” is fabulous! I can’t wait to hear it all! I almost wish I had never heard your podcast so I could discover this a few months from now and binge-listen to this whole series! Thanks for all you put out there, Andy…so much POSITIVE and AUTHENTIC energy! Grateful!
  • FourthWaveFeminism
    Credit your guests
    Include the names and links of your guests in the show notes. Thanks
  • TragicallySkip
    Creative Fuel
    In spite of the fact that I am not a creative professional, this podcast provides creative sparks which allow me to explore my own artistic ideas. It gives me ideas to explore and permission to experiment! Thanks Andy!
  • poplife247
    I’m not worthy!
    This podcast has made me laugh, cry and enlightened me so much. I’m always in a better place after my pep talk. Thank you pizza!
  • Littlerinder
    A favorite!
    Even when I’m not in a creative rut this show always gives me tidbits of advice to maximize my creativity, motivation, and inspiration! Love it!
  • Famfarm
    I live literally every episode. I too am ADD and an artist that’s tried to fight being an artist most of my life because we are told from all angles that you “can’t make a living” as an artist. I e tried to be so many other things to my souls detriment. This podcast helps me pull me back on track ❤️
  • regardingdew
    Favorite podcast ever??
    Yes! As a long time listener, when I think about how I got through my 20s, this podcast is a major reason... Such a masterful demonstration of creativity, that’s for sure, but Andy also shows us how to embrace our humanity again and again.
  • kshed2008
    One of the best podcasts out there
    Andy Pizza is a master at bringing clarity to what is often a jumble of thoughts in my head. His insights into the creative process are truly outstanding. And it’s not just fun to listen to (Andy is super funny), it’s actually helpful for me. One of the best podcasts out there by far.
  • Lex2222222
    The Inspiration Talk I Needed
    I stumbled upon this podcast when I was starting school for graphic design. I am now 2 months in and even more excited to continue my personal practice. Each time I need a pep talk I sit and listen and am able to find the motivation I need to keep going. Thank you for such a beautiful and informative podcast.
  • Shruti-Pandey
    Thanks for all the pep talk Andy
    Thanks for choosing to post an episode every single week, I look forward to them each week. As an engineer and having ADHD, I live in consistent draw between my professional procedural self and creative personal self. You help me get going after work. Keep up the great work!
  • fdangelo
    Love this podcast but the filler sound clips every other sentence are super annoying.
  • ACBlevins
    Love it! Get yourself some pep too!
    I have been listening to Creative PepTalk for so long that I probably should be sending Andy and Sophie a holiday card at the end of the year. I cannot begin to thank CPT for all the pep over time. Creative work is not without some grind, or frustration, or doubt, or challenge and the podcast was always there to give me a lift when I needed it. So grateful, much appreciated, thank you, thank you, thank you Andy J Pizza!
  • hdn2222
    Helped me enormously along the journey
    Andy has been there for me every week since I started listening (maybe a year and a half ago?). His energy, experience, and wisdom gets me to think differently about my art journey but also often vindicates my current feelings and questions. So many times Andy has given me the tools I need to move forward in my work. As an artist, so much of the work is internal.
  • Piero dF
    Inspiring podcast
    Really like this podcast! So much great info packed into each episode.
  • joliebebe
    Wow! I LOVE this show so much 🤩
    Listening to this podcast has been absolutely game-changing to my creative practice and path. I feel I’ve found the mentor and friend that I’ve been looking for all along. Whenever I’m feeling discouraged or lacking inspiration, turning on this show helps me find my spark again. Full of fun and really helpful guidance… I can’t recommend this show enough.
  • Nanomonkey
    Andy serves up deep-dish advice
    Andy offers spot-on, actionable insights into designing a creative life through sharing his own path, obsessions, and personal research. If you are striving to make a living as an artist (writer, illustrator, musician, painter, cartoonist, etc.), and you find yourself second-guessing yourself or thinking you should give up — I highly recommend a slice or two of creative pep from Mr. Pizza. From archetypes and myths to muppets and Modest Mouse, his entertaining monologues can seem random but are carefully organized around universal truths about the artist’s journey.
  • Mrs. K in LA
    Creative and practical shot in the arm!
    This podcast has been so helpful to me over the last few months that I don’t know where to start! I walk with it almost every day these days, and I always feel comforted and inspired. I walk away with more air in my lungs, energy to create and feeling like I am not alone on the creative journey. I am a professional writer, and the Creative Pep Talk has helped me balance the creation and commerce side of things. Tune in the get a really juicy and often practical, creative shot in the arm!
  • Hellojenlmt
    I love this show
    It always makes me feel inspired and motivated, it makes me laugh, it expands my mind and changes my perspective. Thank you Andy J Pizza!
  • jonkyjan 9
    Gift of empty space!
    I absolutely love this episode- appreciated your vulnerability and humor. SO great to celebrate the quiet seasons for the opportunities that can be activated when "nothing" is happening. I'm obsessed with the kind of creativity that becomes available after big change (the barron times). . . Truly appreciated your exciting framework to use in slow times -gift, tempo, one word intentions! 🙏🙏🙏🥳🎼💃🏾🎭📚🎨✍🏽 I think all of your words were in perfect order! Just wrote my first book- "Braving Creativity, Artists who Turn the Scary, Thrilling, Messy Path of Change into Courageous Transformation."
  • Alice C 27
    My Favorite Podcast
    I love, love, love this podcast. For the longest time I only listened to 99% Invisible, but it changed over the years and I lost interest as it seemed the quality started to decline. I am also not a fan of the interview style podcasts where people just ramble on treating the podcast like an audio diary. This podcast is unique. Well thought out and a true work of art. I’m inspired every time I listen to it and have told all my designer friends about it. I may or may not have the intro song memorized and sing it to myself whenever I “need a little pep talk”
  • Jen Valentine, Realtor
    Non-creative who finds the show relatable!
    I’m a self-employed non-creative and find myself relating to so many things in this podcast professionally and personally. It’s entertaining, thought provoking, well thought out and inspiring! I’ve suggested this show to many of my friends and colleagues. Thanks for putting out a great product!
  • @_sun_dragon_tattoo_
    Thank you
    Love this podcast! Keep up the great work, it’s appreciated!
  • BarkBuff
    The hero’s journey and Andy J pizza
    I cannot even begin to tell you how much this podcast has helped me!!! I appreciate your honesty and willingness to reveal your struggles with ADD and other things. I feel so connected to you and relate so much to the way you teach and explain things!!!! Thank you thank you thank you is all I can say! I am always waiting for the next episode to come out so I can see what you are thinking about. It NEVER fails that it’s something that is pretty close to what I’m struggling with or inspired by or better yet a new take on things that helps me see myself and the creative journey in a new light. The first time I heard you was on Art for your Ear. I have been hooked ever since. Thanks again, Andy! Happy Creating to you and your team.
  • midway-through
    2/22/23 Happy 400th!
    I’m so glad that this podcast exists. Episodes just keep getting better and better. Today’s episode really resonated with me. I loved hearing Sophie’s story. I recently left a career in another field to pick up the threads of my “lost” art. It’s been wonderful. It’s been frustrating. The best of times, the worst of times. And now I know why. We expect so much from ourselves and the pressure to perform can drag us away from why we are creating art in the first place. I needed to hear this from someone who is further along down the path. Thank you Andy & Sophie!
  • Snufflemuffin
    Pizza, creativity, and great ideas?! Sign me up! 🤩
    Creativity is a funny thing. It can be fun, profoundly enriching, confusingly elusive, and oh-so frustrating. I love having other creative people around to talk to and hear what they’re exploring and experiencing with their own creative adventures, and learn about how they're solving the creativity problems they're bumping into. What Andy J. Pizza explores and shares on Creative Pep Talk definitely scratches that itch. And, I mean… who doesn’t like pizza?!
  • Lipstickpunk777
    Lets do this!
    I’ve had artist block for literally years… I just listened to the episode about how to use a formula to create work and I got so inspired and so excited and I have been using this in other areas of my life it makes me chuckle to think why I didn’t apply this to creating art/design. Recently went back to school, taking a graphic design course and felt glum about the idea of AI taking our jobs lol. But this show really lit a fire inside and I’m ready to get at it again. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to binge the other episodes.
  • ZizkaDiane
    One of my Favorite Pod Casts
    One of my favorite daily go to pod casts. The advice is solid and entertaining. Andy is so enjoyable to listen to and he has excellently crafted his advice in a very engaging way. I love his honesty and realness when he gives advice to artists.
  • true crime diva
    Great Poscast
    As a textile artist I was looking for a place with motivation & information. This podcast is the place for education & information for takeaways and how too’s.
  • Alia Bene
    The Best Advice for Creatives
    I’ve been a listener now for a few years and Andy’s advice always helps pull you out of a slump—and I go through a lot of them! TMI? Anyway, the content is so eclectic, there is something for everyone, whether you need advice on how to grow followers or just figure out what project to work on next. Also, related, his courses on Skillshare are just as great. Take a listen! You won’t be disappointed.
  • H. Leland
    Pep for All Kinds of Creative!
    I only recently found this podcast, and it’s already been so helpful and invigorating. I’m an engineer by day, multi-passionate artist by night, and these ideas and stories help me nurture my creativity in both domains.
  • Carriejj2013
    Finding this felt like divine intervention
    I was so over my creative practice just a few months ago. On on the verge of finally quitting once and for all, I stumbled across this podcast and it changed absolutely everything. For the first time in a long time I actually enjoy my work again (I almost forgot what that felt like)! I love starting my day with an episode and then sitting down with one of the “Call to Adventures” - really gets the creative juices flowing. Thanks for what you do!
  • Jes W from texas
    I cry every episode
    It’s like this guy speaks my language. I used to think I was incapable of having a successful creative practice because of my neurodiversity. But not only does he give practical and applicable advice on how to better your practice, he gives room for all the weirdly specific and spot on struggles creatives face. I thought it was just me. Now I know it’s not, and i don’t feel so isolated now. Thriving artists!
  • aawizzzzy
    I feel understood as a creative!!!
    Andy’s way of explaining things and relating them back to the most obscure references is so refreshing and hilarious. I’m so inspired by every episode, and I’ve been motivated to keep going in my creative business journey because of these episodes. Thank you for the hard, important and fun work you’re doing!
  • egdod17
    I LOVE Andy! Whenever I dip in to this show, it’s always helpful, compassionate, and has actionable advice— and moreover, I often feel like he’s somehow directly addressing some undefined problem or fear that is currently eating me. A great pep talk! <3
  • lostfoundtokyo
    Andy is simply the best.
    Most entertaining, helpful and funny podcast about creative careers 💗 thank you ANDY J PIZZA!!!
  • Littlefairyone
    OMG where has this been!!!!
    I just started listening 2 days ago (from most resent backwards). I just listened to Art Island! I’m addicted to this podcast! As an artist (pottery & acrylic painting) my throuple and I are 1 1/2 years in to having an small art business. My work and my wife does up-cycling, water color, etc. So, a lot of niches in one business. I had yet to find a podcast that was relevant for us and what we do. So many have just guest speakers or are for those who are production potters, extremely talented painters, etc. I never felt O could relate. Until now! I love how Andy breaks down of each topic and the point of view he gives during every episode. It’s really opened my eyes and has me going deep with my thoughts about what I do, who I am as an artist, who I want and dream to be as an artist, and what does success look like for me. Thank you Andy & the Creative Pep Talk Crew for all you do! It’s greatly appreciated!
  • RebeccaRien
    Beyond excellent for everyone
    He’s funny and entertaining, yes, but this host is also genius and relatable - the bestest combo when relaying insanely valuable and most importantly, EASILY ACTIONABLE, wisdom for creatives — which is to say, everyone. The pod title is perfect — he’s your biggest cheerleader, the coach on your sideline guiding you to big goals, the dad with the biggest heart (he’s actually a dad IRL but he kinda dads us all) — so if you ever need a li’l pep talk, need to motivate, need to regain hope on your creative path, listen in and laugh and learn, and leave ready to create and succeed with a smile. Thanks a mil Mr. Pizza!!
  • Doin' Pine
    Gold Mine For Creatives
    When I first started listening, I made a list of episodes that were worth going back to for repeat listens—but I soon realized, there was never an episode that did not meet that criteria. Every single episode on this podcast is worth listening to multiple times. Each week I listen, I feel like I’m sitting on an absolute gold mine of creative information and inspiration. This podcast is solely what inspired me to pursue a creative career selling my own artwork and I could not be happier doing so. Andy J. Pizza is truly my hero, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the work he has put into making this podcast a reality.
  • Skriddles
    Just what I need, in a fun & wacky style
    Andy sends tons of creative energy out and that helps me prioritize my artwork. This show is definitely one of a kind!
  • Brooks Elms
    Compass for Creativity
    Such an authentically optimistic wonderful companion for the ebbs, flows, dips and deliciousness of the creative journey!
  • marbleautumn
    Ok, bizarrely relatable
    This is my first time hearing this podcast. Ok, I don’t know where to begin, but I want to thank this creative soul, I work through physical barriers of numbness in my arms, hands, and much more due to who knows what kind of autoimmune disorder. Needless to say, my creative journey relates to his journey. 20 plus years of struggle process, but fulfilling filthy process. Art and life are messy, art shows me a deeper meaning in life. Which propels me to just keep swimming. Ironically, a dear artist mentor who finds my projects meaningful, suggested I find inspiration to keep going. I have found relatable “gunnie” we’re down here and their up there advice in this podcast. Right on, I am riding on in my art journey. Look forward to more gracious feedback from myself. Thanks for making this podcast!
  • Queen Anne's Lace
    Love my Pizza
    I look forward to every episode for all the insights and information with an extra slice or two of laughter! Thanks!
  • mimiswee3
    Jack Black in School of Rock Vibes, But Profitable and Not Salty
    Love this podcast so much! Andy J PIZZZAAA is encouraging, positive, true to himself, and his art. I always feel refreshed and less competition with others in the creative industry when I give it a listen. The vibes remind me of Jack Black in School of Rock - ready to make life fun and meaningful. Except unlike Jack Black in that movie Andy is actually paying the bills with his art so like, credibility 😂
  • old sturge
    Start with Why?
    Whenever someone asks me for a podcast recommendation I always ask them if they’ve listened to Creative Pep Talk. It’s fitting that the podcast with a theme song by the band Why? is the go-to listen for people trying to figure out why they’re wanting a creative career and what they can do to help them succeed. The answer lies within. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Cfh935
    Creative Career Life-line
    This podcast has been the missing link between what I learned during my time earning my BFA and creating work towards my career goals. I graduated from a public university in June of 2020 right as the lockdowns started. I’ve spent nearly two years wandering aimlessly with no direction on what I need to do to create work for the career I want, an imaginative realist painter for the fantasy genre. I found this podcast last month and have been listening from the beginning of this feed to around 75 episodes in. These episodes have answered almost every question I have had about what I should do with this career field. In one month’s time, I’ve created more work in a month than I have done any other month since graduating college, I have more ideas for original works, and I finally have an actual business plan with clear goals and timelines. This hasn’t been an easy transition for me, I’m 41 years old and am doing this as a midlife career switch. I went through college with a wife and two kids, and being the stay-at-home parent has not made work easy. I can say for sure though, that thanks to this podcast, I have found a way to make it work that I don’t know if I would have found without this podcast.
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