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Big Brother recaps, live feed updates and interviews with former Big Brother players from Rob Cesternino, Taran Armstrong, and friends of RHAP.

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  • Dec30th!
    Great pod
    I love horror films 🎥 I love smoking weed 😵‍💫 I love cats 🐈 AND NOW… I love this podcast 👂
  • kellysurfs
    Sasha’s vocal fry
    This isn’t how people actually talk, especially the younger demographic. I love you guys hard but this is too much.
  • LouSmith434
    No more America
    Can’t stand het
  • Kdfrdae
    Taran is the best!
    Love listening to Taran and his views on all the things! But you have to get rid of Melissa- she is way too negative ALL the time. I listen to this podcast to escape. The last thing I need to do is be brought down by her negativity on every single episode she is on.
  • MsJamieWV
    Love it!
    I’m a Big Brother watcher since season 1 and his is the first year I’ve listened to the daily recap podcast and it was AWESOME. I don’t have time to watch feeds but I want to know what’s happening. I used to keep up on various websites and then on twitter. Now I just listen to the pod in the car and at work and it saves me a lot of time PLUS it’s always entertaining. I am grateful for all the folks who put so much time and energy, especially Taran of course. I wish my job was to watch the BB feeds! I could never do as well as he does though. Kudos and thanks!
  • KarrieCarr
    Thank you Taran!
    Happy 100 days! We appreciate you too!
  • Bricen B.
    RIP BB25
    Honestly the best part of Big Brother is always this podcast.
  • Trmroller
    Gotta love Taran!!
    Far and away my favorite recapper and personality. Thank you!
  • AlissaP93
    Great Recap Show
    Love this podcast when they manage to talk about the actual show…
  • Ariana
    I really do, I love this podcast! But please someone listen to the edit before you upload it 😭 so many episodes with repeating segments and then it ends early. What’s goin onnnn
  • KelsiB1202
    Love this podcast and host
    Taran is great at recapping the live feeds and always has such good takes. I legit enjoy listening to this podcast during BB season each year more than watching the live feeds or the actual show! Taran does the real work so we can sleep and still know what’s going on in the house at all times 😂
  • Laladeeda3
    Too much negativity this season. Too much time spent on narrative on opinion on comps. BB has seen strong women win and go far! Long time fan and downloader of feed recaps but someone should really check their ego and understand the audience doesn’t want full on negativity. Appreciate the dedication but requesting an energy improvement please! Let’s have fun with the messiness!
  • charmriah
    The main guy says “uuhhhh” every 2 seconds 😭
  • collie714
    Taran is a rock star!
    Thanks for keeping me informed of the shenanigans of the house each year. I love everything about the podcast (even if I disagree). I wish Taran was actually cast on big brother to see if he would follow his own advice. But then who would stay up every night to fill us in? ❤️
  • kae11in
    Camerica the Ugly
    I love your podcast and appreciate the daily and intuitive coverage. I also always find myself agreeing or have had the same thoughts while watching the feed/episodes. I needed to bring up that I think a lot of Cam’s co concentration on America is his narcissism. He doesn’t see why she is with him and down to her name…she fits the ideal of the character he presents. He hates Cory because he can’t imagine how she could choose him over himself. Love the podcast was hoping you guys saw this too
  • Tristan317
    BB update
    Taran is so good… I want to see him on BB… but for now I’ll take his hilarious updates back… so funny
  • acole78
    Great but couldBe better!
    Please stop talking over each other!
  • Palekana
    I do enjoy the daily recap of what has transpired in the house, but to be honest, it can be a bit too long. Seems like a half hour would do versus over an hour rehashing the same thing over and over.
  • jak2184
    Pretentious takes on almost every level and makes me want to dislike the actual episodes more.
  • seventoss
    Cameron Hate
    Cameron is literally the only person playing the game with all the talents it takes and they just can’t stop hating on him…. Don’t listening the guest rants
  • Ron0824
    Cam Is Killing It
    I usually love listening to the pod but this time you’re way off. Cam is one of the few actually playing BB. I know CBS has their favorites for TV and you have yours but if Cam gets one of the “hands off trinity”, his HOH is a success. Felisha, Cirie or Izzy has to go. Calling it a mistake is just house bias. Jared is a waste. He can stay no need to put him up.
    Great content
    Unfortunately, the weird long pauses throughout are super annoying.
  • Amrintxs1
    For the love of God
    STOPPPPPPP YELLING AT US! I enjoy your podcast but your last episode made me want to reach through my phone and punch you in the face. You were annoying AFFFFFF I thought about never listening again
  • Shubha23
    Better then the show itself
    You all are amazing and very funny. I love the round tables ♥️♥️♥️the daily updates u all make it better then the actual show . Please keep up the good work .
  • Lindsay E7
    Great BB updates!
    I really enjoy Taran’s break down of what’s happening on the live feeds. This season the podcast has been better than the actual BB episodes. Keep up the fun episodes Taran!
  • m_j4001
    Shows won’t play
    Cannot play last two episodes on here or Spotify.
  • Bon the snob
    Spoilers in the Episode Titles
    Love you, but not everyone is Taran! We need time to catch up on three episodes a week. Please don’t let spoilers pop up in my podcast feed!
  • Wiruensod
    Often better than the show
  • Jamie4822
    The best
    No better way to stay updated with all things Big Brother !
  • Gomer8022
    Be a better host
    Rob, you need to quit talking over the top of your gas. Let them finish what they’re saying before you decide to jump in with your humorous bad “dad jokes“ jokes be a better host.
  • ShanersB
    No AJ Norris ever again. I had to stop listening. His giggling was driving me insane.
  • KayEmKay1987
    Makes fun of christianity
    This podcast makes fun of Christianity any chance they get! They would never poke fun at the contestants who practice Judaism or are Muslim…EVER! So tired of my beliefs being the brunt of all their jokes when talking about Julie and other house guests!
  • Evolution continues
    Long-time listener, first time contributor
    Hey, my name is Cam and I gotta say I absolutely love your show. I love all the real time updates and giving all the feedback about stuff that we have the general public. Don’t know that doesn’t wash your feet 24 seven and it’s just really cool to know what’s really going on in the house thanks so much and keep up the good work.
  • Noelle80
    Big Brother is a Great Companion Show for this Podcast
    If it wasn’t for Taran’s daily updates and the stock watch and all the other shows in this podcast feed I don’t think I would watch big brother at all.
  • DrewC44
    Great Podcast
    Essential for Big Brother and Survivor Viewing
  • L.O**
    The best reality podcast out there!
    Simply the best !
  • aaronwithane
    Love the podcast
    Rob has the BEST podcast
  • julysgood
    Big Brother
    I really enjoy Rob and friends recap Big Brother. I always find something new that I missed from people in the know. I also love the spoilers
  • lulrich3333
    I wouldn’t watch Big Brother without this podcast. This is how you truly know what’s going on in the game.
  • Lrf727
    These are giving me life!
  • Jacob_from_dc_
    A Must-Listen for BB fans
    Honestly the best way to digest Big Brother and reality tv happenings.
  • Lizh717
    Love it
    Love the updates on the feeds from Taran! I need more Amance!
  • Shelbi_____
    RHAP is Big Brother
    Listening to Taran’s live feed updates is the true entertainment of the season. They are so much better than the episodes and what I look forward to every year. Give this man a bonus.
  • Joeknis
    The best big brother podcast out there
    If you want insider information on the game of big brother & live feed updates, there is no other podcast to listen to.
  • catyqwertyuiop
    Best BB podcast!
  • JenieRenee
    Taran is so entertaining!!
    Would much rather listen to his updates than watch the show.
  • BigSid277
    Love all things RHAP and the breakdown of the live feeds is so helpful!
  • Suswa
    Love the Updates
    I enjoy the live feeds but who has time for all day everyday? TARAN - thanks for keeping us up to date! Your re-enactments are life!
  • Laureenv
    The best
    RHAP’s Big Brother coverage is second to none! Taran’s updates and the live recaps make the seasons for me.
  • Ms. Rach S!
    Great podcast
    Have been listening for years! Thank you Taran for helping us to know what is going on in the BB house! Rob, Taran and the rest of the RHAP family have great insights and are always so fun to listen to
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