The Girlfriends: Our Lost Sister


In Season 1, The Girlfriends told the story of how a group of incredible women came together to bring down one bad ex-boyfriend and seek justice for the murder of Gail Katz.

But there’s one part of that story that’s still a mystery.

During the investigation into Gail’s case, a torso washed up on Staten Island and was misidentified as Gail. Nobody knows her name or what happened to her after she was ruled out from the case.

In Season 2, the amateur ladies detective club are back with a new mission: to uncover the identity of this woman and finally find Our Lost Sister.

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  • skskekwosn
    So. Many. Ads.
    Good podcast but SO many ads & music breaks.
  • Emilygatx
    So touching
    Touching and balanced podcast - love the breaks of humor & swearing. Thank you bringing these women’s stories to light.
  • YellowDistrict
    Distracting Music
    Engaging storyline but the music is extremely distracting and just doesn’t match the tone of the podcast. It’s jarring and used in very long clips not in brief transitions like other podcasts. I was literally jumping to press fast forward when it played. I understand it’s original to the podcast but, unfortunately, it took away from the listening experience.
  • Kellib2206
    Thank you
    Thank you for giving the lost a voice.
  • bricks711
    I don't know how I could ever feel closer to any of you 🩷🩷🩷
  • sinicalgrl
    Second season as compelling as the first
    While heartbreaking, I am contented to know that Heidi was ultimately identified and laid to rest. May she have peace and find joy in whatever comes next. I was also happy to hear that the podcast will be back for another season but “with a new host” ??? …nooooooooo!!! Say it ain’t so! Just won’t be the f’ing same 😉
  • Connieanddennis
    A great podcast!
    Love, love these ladies and what they do! Keep it up! Hoping for season 3!
  • Ocean1185
    I love this podcast
    For having no podcasting experience, Carole does a great job! Compelling storytelling. It’s Dirty John meets Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Right up my ally. I also like the music so I am not sure what people are complaining about. Peace and love to Gail’s family. May her story be a cautionary tale to women everywhere. Domestic violence needs to be taken more seriously. Looking forward to season 2! So glad you are humanizing this missing woman who was once thought to be Gail. Update: knocked it outta the park with season 2! Rest in peace, Heidi.
  • Stella_lunaa
    Such a tragic and beautiful and triumphant story. The ending gave me the chills and put a lump in my throat.
  • Riss Saki
    Such Sweet Care
    There is something so beautiful about a community of women. Doing what so many others have failed to do. Female friendships are always the answer.
  • MN0724
    Another great season
    Such an interesting topic and the host is great!! Looking forward to a new season but will miss this host (sounds like a new host will takeover)! Thanks for the interesting story!!
  • Gv1120001
    Our Sister! (Or is it our girlfriend?)
    A muddled self-congratulatory slog made all the more unbearable by an endless “gals drinking Chardonnay and gabbing!” undercurrent. But it was the shockingly vulgar music cues that drove me to write a review - specifically the moment in S2 E4 when they id their “sister” as Heidi and some angelic chorus drops in chanting “Heidi” in a persevere attempt to … god knows what. Narcissistic and insufferable. Shocked I made it four episodes in but this is where I stop.
  • Jennysem
    Half of the show is advertising.
    It was hard to get into the podcast with all the advertising. I wouldn't be surprised if there were more ads than content. Could have been good… but i was just annoyed.
  • lunibelle
    Crime Solving with Heart
    I absolutely love this podcast. The soundtrack adds so much to it - the prayer with the added female voices brought me to tears. Carole and company keep it real. They emanate warmth and compassion. Can’t wait for season 3.
  • Mayflower2021
    This is the first time I’ve ever reviewed a podcast, but I HAD to review this one. The sisterhood, the engaging editing, the camaraderie that exists between these women (giving the overall tone a very Ya-Ya Sisterhoods vibe), I love everything about it.
  • Foodie365
    Important subject matter, some irritations
    First, I’m grateful this group has decided to pursue an unidentified human remains case. It’s a field I care about deeply. But there’s an amateurishness in the pursuit and the telling that is a bit grating. Using cliches like wine consumption and playing “detective” comes off as self-conscious, not self-aware. I love a good sense of humor, and I’m a woman too…but some of this girl-bonding stuff feels a bit thin when telling such grave stories of tough lives and horrific deaths.
  • janrather
    victim blaming & self satisfied
    i think it’s an editorial choice to frame the story this way but the narrator doesn’t in fact reel me in when she centers herself in this story , i found it increasingly repellent, and pretty far in there’s an episode that gets explicitly victim blamey and smug, i was disgusted
  • ludg2
    I love both seasons! What a sweet way to show love for your sisters and putting a light hearted spin on a heavy topic. Highly recommend
  • animeartE
    Highly Recommend
    We need more of THIS—women recovering the bodies and stories of our fallen sisters. I loved all these beautiful women on both sides of the veil. I want Season 3!
  • Sean Woodsmaker
    The Story May Be Ok…
    … but it’s impossible to know with the amount of ads. I had to unsubscribe—even though I enjoyed season 1. With the ads the podcast is unlistenable.
  • wildrage2019
    Change Music
    Interesting content- but please change the music. I can’t listen with the strange music.
  • Glynasty
    I loved both seasons. I am excfoe a third-season but will be sad for Carole not to be the host.
  • JRLucky4me!
    Real Raw Emotional Loving Scared Sacred
    I felt all these things. Thank you!
  • fghhjgfddd
    This podcast didn’t grab me! It’s been a while since the last one and would be nice if they recapped!
  • SierraBAH
    Eye opening
    As others have said, this story was tough to listen to at times but ultimately incredibly eye opening as well. I had never heard of Tarasoff law, I’d never heard a story of true crime from so many people who dated the killer, I’d never heard a podcast quite like this one before. Thank you for your hard work, girlfriends. We are with you.
  • vgjgjkk hj
    The girlfriends seasons 1 & 2
    Love the mysterious music (I got you) Narration is wonderful, easy to follow and enjoy!
  • Schhhiejsn
    Such a……
    …… great podcast, and yet such terrible music. The dat scat ooo ahh just becomes so unnerving, I almost didn’t make it till the end. Really though I wonderful show.
  • CaityNaNa
    Too many adds
    It’s actually ridiculous and I am on episode 3 because I like the podcast but the adds. It’s crazy how many adds are in each episode. Not sure I can hang.
  • jennyhcox
    Good first season
    The first season was fantastic but I had to stop on the second episode of second season. The narrator refers to the deceased woman as our forgotten sister. Which I appreciate it, but it's said so many times it just distracted me so from the story.
  • Soloyo2023
    Mini series??
    I loved the first season! I have not even finished this episode. As soon as you all got to the place where the body was found, and the poem was read... the images of the girlfriends, and the wine, and the pain, and the laughters... all the images. This could be a great miniseries!!!!
  • MSW615
    Excellent Story
    The story is told by the girlfriends and sister of the victim.
  • MeryleNH
    Too many adds
    I’ve never heard so many adds jammed into a 30 min podcast episode, there’s an insane amount of adds, actually it’s really the same couple adds played an insane amount of times. It feels like theres more add time than actual podcast time and it really takes away from the story.
  • clairefive
    Problems with the host
    This was a very interesting podcast. My heart is broken for Gail and her family. I have a difficult time with the thought that the host, Carole, refused to testify to the grand jury. She only testified at trial because she was forced. Later, she said, “We got him!” Who is “we”? Now, she is making money on a podcast when she was unwilling to help convict him. So bizarre. Also, there are a ridiculous amount of ads.
  • Wripple07
    Well done
    I really appreciate that the victims were a huge part of this podcast. So often it’s the killer that gets all the attention and the victims really do deserve so much more.
  • Regmeyet
    Well Done!
    A great podcast about a group of women who encounter the same abusive man. Also revealing the sad truth that women will push their sense of good judgement aside for security. But friendship, love and persistence gets results in the end. It was thoughtful and informative. Binge worthy.
  • Caitmaureen
    Great story involving domestic violence, and sisterhood- loved the ladies. Music wasn’t bad at all I don’t know why so many hated it. Also, people curse, it wasn’t excessive. Bobs a douche!
  • yendnskaiheb
    Too many ads
    I enjoy the story and like the host. There are an insane amount of ads packed into the 30 minute episodes and the intro music is god awful. RIP Gail.
  • DulceJ2
    It was a well produced podcast, it discussed how prevalent femecide is, it honored Gail and many more women. The last 11 minutes of the podcast had me crying!! Very powerful.
  • Cassleav
    You’ll feel like a member of the girlfriends!
    I’ve listened to alllll the true crime podcasts, this is the best. Such a well-told, well edited story. The language wasn’t bad at all. You will feel like you’re a member of the girlfriends!
  • jenniferwbpar
    Great story, important message, great narration, and music
    Highly recommend! Kept my attention the whole time.
  • cool Minecraft and FNAF Game
    If you are a woman you need to listen
    Loved this. I couldn’t stop listening. I feel such a kinship with the women and loved getting to know Gail. I was in tears at the end. I feel close to all the women in this podcast.
  • Han.O
    The ending was exceptional. I was moved to tears: & it fundamentally changed me for the better. Us women deserve better. Thank you to everyone who worked on this important piece of work that brings awareness to not only the tragic murder of Gail Katz but the rampant & widespread violence against women in our society.
  • Nimi6666666
    Terrible music
    Story interesting terrible music made it almost unlistenable had to fast foward
  • nanaofktkkm
    Good story
    The story was interesting. It held my attention. I was worried about the language but it wasn’t as bad as I feared. I agree though that the music really is awful. Looking forward to season 2.
  • Curious Lo
    Painful but well done
    I do agree agree with others the music was cringe worthy and hopefully they read the reviews and realize that, but otherwise, I thought this was extremely well done in part because the Subject matter and subjects themselves were so compelling, but putting it together in a way that keeps you wanting to listen listen is definitely a skill they have mastered. Still, it was painful.
  • Mallerinaballerina
    Really good
    This is a great podcast and a very important story all women need to hear. I agree with others, the music is distracting and annoying but it was worth it to hear the story.
  • bridgetfojut
    I can’t actually absorb stories told by dum dums
    It’s extremely difficult to take a person seriously whose life goal is to find a “Jewish doctor”. Ew. every time she says “Jewish doctor” the ick mounts. i do, however, think the production piece is solid. I enjoyed the music and sound effects.
  • Tessathekido
    Alayne is an incredible storyteller. She is well-spoken. Her voice is so expressive and calming. My heart just breaks for her and her family.
  • Kewaunee Gal
    Content Spread Too Thin
    I didn’t finish it. There is a story here, but it is so overproduced with music, sound effects, interludes, previews and recaps (and way too many ads if you don’t buy a subscription). I believe the storyteller would have been better off just reading her story like an Audible book. It would have been an episode or two of actual content.
  • minnyc
    Utterly bingeworthy
    Listened to most of this podcast during a single day. I just couldn’t wait to hear what was next. I’m not normally into crime podcasts but there was something so relatable to the women in Las Vegas whose sociable speculation uncovered a real crime.
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