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  • Ms. TLeesaB
    Way up with Angela Yee
    Congratulación es on tuyo nuevo show Ms. Yee surely miss tu con el guys =D.J. Envy y C. El Jesus, pero mi apologies esa soy not able to listen to tuyo show every día.
  • Death2Adds
    It's ok....
    I love Angela , but I personally can't connect with show
  • SDWOne
    She has the personality of a wet sock.
  • Jdashwill
    One of the best!!!
    Way Up!!!
  • evansgurl65
    Way Up With Angela Yee❤️
    She’s a calm voice, just what radio needs! Sharing and Caring at the same time. I’m super excited she has her own show. She truly loves to give a patient and a good listener. The world doesn’t take to time to listen to each other anymore everyone wants to talk at the same time!!! But Angie let’s everyone talk and also has great advice. She’s always ready to help others Period! She’s God Sent! We are truly Way Up 🆙 thanks to Ms. Angela Yee 😆
  • NicknameGT
    The interviews are 90% C-List people many have never heard of.
  • Spoonie_03
    Love the show!
    Very informative, I’m a fan!
  • Philleezown
    I like it
    Digging the show Ang keep going I like you Jas n Maino y’all got good chemistry
  • mochaa94
    Great show!
    Yes can carry the interest of an audio audience so well! I love her she is doing great
  • missdeniser
    Great show!
    Love the show!
  • Antagonized Listener
    Messy and Gossipy
    Counterproductive. Very personal and incriminating. Everything she says has a insulting biased and never truly supporting to the community! They make me feel stalked about my personal life, and judge mental without conditional regard for true support lines, true consciousness in advertising true happiness for all with examples and proof. The platform is false advertising in regard to inspiring the way up persona, support and only a subjective insult to gossip about stories going up verses actually being credible and resourceful about issues within the community.
  • Thr33jayy
    New artist Thr33jay
    Not sure if you all have listened to Thr33jay music. He currently writes his own music and have over 18 new songs out on all music apps. Check him out and hopefully you can have him on your podcast.
  • Somsmemdkems
    Almost there
    Yee and Jazmine Brand are off to a great start & sync well together but Mano is not a fit. He adds nothing to the conversation; no insight, no comedic relief, no fresh male perspectives. He just repeats what Yee and Jazmine says. If they’re looking to take the show further, they should keep searching for a male host that will add some interest. Love you Yee💖
  • The Real MamaLee
    Fun and positive!
    Love the “shine the light” segment especially🫶🏾
  • 215_great
    Y’all don’t post the whole episodes anymore?
  • Yobuaa
    I love the show! Keep going!
  • Cam from Central Park
    Congrats yee
  • ConcreteRose05
    Love Angela!
    She’s a queen and needs to be protected. She’s not responsible for the actions of her previous grown *ss men coworkers’ behaviors. None of us should be!
  • kittykat0129
    Love Yee! BUT, I think it would be really nice to hear more from Jasmine. I’m not sure what her “role” is on the show but, it would be great to have her answer the same questions as Yee. Like, who is she shining a light on, what she did last night, etc. seems odd to have her there for small talk. We wanna know more!
  • dejah toomer
    I absolutely love this show. Wish I could give you 10 stars.
  • Chunkapple
    Show and Prove
    Love the show but some constructive C. Work on the social media aspect. The pods are dropping after a day or two instead of a few hours after the show. You have four hours of show, but only giving us a piece of the pod. A lot of us are not in our cars all day or on a morning run, and really do not prefer live radio with 15 minute commercial breaks lol. So I work nights and I listen to the pod or May pop over to YouTube for the video. Did the same with the BC. Allllso because most of us probably came over from your former show and you are right behind them, try your best to avoid talking about the same topic of you can help it, I listen to both pods back to back usually. Other than that great show, and love wealth Wednesdays. I think you should have two financial days a week minimum. One can focus on personal finance and the health that goes with it. Keep it up!!
  • bbbqqwqe
    Fire whoever is editing
    I love Angela Yee but damnnnnn who ever is editing this show needs to pay more attention. The conversations cut off in random spots. Makes it hard to follow what is going on
  • scwjesuswept
    I like it
  • Seraiahd
    Love to see Angela’s quality show on her own
    From the beginning, I’m for Ms. Yee ! This show has great segments especially “Shine the light on ‘em “ and “Yee Tea” it’s really well curated and put together. Go Yee!!!
  • operajon22
    Angela Yee is All the Way Up!
    I’m so glad Angela Yee has her own show. I really enjoy the energ, the segments and Jasmine‘s chemistry. I hope Jasmine stays as a permanent co-host.
  • Lush queen
    Love it
    Really good so far. Good move for her.
  • fogeyaboutit
    Great move !
    Your voice is a pillar in our culture, thank you for your service.
  • Comic Book Guy82
    Nothing Can Stop Her
    Angela Lees new podcast is fire
  • ChefMarley1
    Love your show, Yee.
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