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  • SunnyBoye
    Great vibe
    You guys are great and the lighthearted comedic content really is such a nice thing to unwind to
  • DirtyMadonna
    Love you guys humor!
    Big fan!
  • vsli123
    Diversity talk isn’t for you.
    Stay on topic and stick to 90 day talk. You two sound like privileged idiots talking when you talk about diversity and representation. Hush your mouth and stay in your lane.
  • Rosa718
    Thank you for feeding my addiction
    I am unabashedly addicted to the 90 day universe, and I’m so glad I stumbled onto this podcast. Feels like I’m watching the couples I love to hate with friends in the living room when I hear you guys cracking jokes.
  • Prichardshowfan9191816
    Quietest podcast on earth lol
    Love you guys but man you talk so low sometimes
  • Lissa_Yanessa
    Absolutely love this show!
    I stumbled upon TheQuickSlice on Youtube and I’m in love with the show. I laugh so much and I’ve binge-watched all of them. Your commentary is excellent. You’re witty, funny and pretty objective with your commentary. Please do more “married at first sight”. Oh, and, your imitations of Angela are spot on. 👌
  • Aayooyaa
    I absolutely love this
    Found out about this podcast from the YouTube channel, I couldn’t be happier, great podcast. I appreciate all the great commentary on 90 day fiancé. Thank you guys
  • longDJohn
    5 star
    This dudes cadence makes the show he is very easy to listen too came over from YouTube and this maeses my days fly by appreciate the work fellas
  • Big Floppa Isn't SuS
    The Heisenberg of poopwater
    I Love this podcast. It’s so much fun listening to all the random stuff that happens in the 90 day fiancé lore. Great podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Thanks guys!
  • lngcommute
    So much fun
    These guys keep me laughing. Each episode gets better. They ponder the big questions. Jobs for Big Ed, Best drink tossers, What’s new with Paul, Are my feet attractive? So much fun.
  • Bill Krill
    More Slice
    Thanks for good content brothers. Keeps getting better.
  • Laika4444
    Love love love the quick slice
    Love the YouTube channel. So excited to have a podcast version!!! So much fun and the chemistry with your brother makes it even better 👍👍👍👍👍
  • violetannm
    Really funny
    Quality commentary on 90 day fiancé and all the spin-offs. Gives me a good laugh.
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