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Join the New York Times bestselling author of The Untethered Soul, The Surrender Experiment, and Living Untethered for this free series of curated teaching sessions, recorded at his Temple of the Universe yoga and meditation center.

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  • jmdawson la
    My fiancé died suddenly and traumatically
    In the spring of 22, the love of my life died from complications after a heart procedure. We were a week away from an exciting new chapter after 5 years of hard work. Devastated and socially isolated I began to plot how I could make my own death look like an accident - it was the only thing that gave me relief but I was also aware that destroying myself would be the worst way to express my love of him and for life… One afternoon while in despair I stumbled upon Singer in an interview on a podcast I’d never heard of “breakdown” with Mayim. I’ve been a long time meditator but it was Singer that showed me the way out by using the pain and grief to reshape my relationship to life. It’s been a brutal but beautiful year and a half. I’m definitely better for these lessons by a great mind. He’s the punk rocker of spiritual growth - a tad dated in his examples but no nonsense.
  • CarrieJLa
    Life changing
    If you haven’t read his books, please do! His words and teachings are life changing. Thank you Michael Singer for sharing! Amazing.
  • jacquimeeker
    I am missing and loving Michael singer Podcast so much! why does it just stop after episode five?
  • Low Guy
    Mr Singers talks are saving my life.
  • Eiep
    Life transforming. Grateful for the generosity of this content.
  • Andree J
    He is Bang on!!! It is our mind that creates our unhappiness. It’s taken me a long time to get all this the hard way! When I heard this tonight fit the first time I realized all I had been fighting. Although you are only ready when your ready. I’m ready and willing. Just go with the flow if life and not judge any of it. Sooo much better! I need to listen to this podcast in WORRY everyday. Thank you Michael Singer! You have an amazing way of stating the truth. 💕💕
  • Jennie.829
    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Perfect follow up to all of his books. His books turned my life and self into a peaceful, loving place to be! It’s a lifelong journey but I’m enjoying the ride. 🙂
  • bitsngiggles
    Gets better and better all I can say is Thqbn you!
  • clarkelaba
    Just what I needed
    These podcasts are full of useful information and insights on how to stop worrying over things that are crippling our mental health and stealing our joy and energy
  • kristaj61
    Thank you
    Saving my life. Forever grateful.
  • Writer way
    Professor Michael Singer At Your Service
    Wanna fly? Get rid of the sh— that’s weighing you down.
  • AngelaPK1111
    Enlighten being. Thank you Michael singer
    Nothing has come close to how Michael Singer explains everything I am so grateful for your teachings. I am truly practicing and changing with the information you have provided. I finally got all the answers and clear all the prior confusion that permeates in the self help industry Clear, concise, free No silver bullets, magical pills Understanding how to do the work and what actually works and why has made all the difference Thank you!!!
  • Ljbrooks9
    Michael Singer season 3
    So excited!! Can not wait! ❤️
  • Kris learner
    Helped through a tough time
    I love listening to this podcast. I listened to it everyday driving to an from my mom’s house when she was sick and eventually on hospice. Anyone that has been a caregiver knows the emotional and physical toll it takes on you. These really put me in the right perspective and helped with truly dealing with the loss. I continue to listen to this frequently as I find repetition is the mother of all skills (as Tony Robbins says). I found that I am more peaceful, happy and not getting upset or angry over all of the little things in life. It is easy to fall back into your old habits so listening to them frequently helps to get out of the old habits
  • @needranow
    Life Affirming
    I’m often asked “what should I read as a starting point in my personal growth or spiritual growth path”. Untethered Soul is my recommendation. Michael’s podcast has reminded me why. This work is foundational and simple to understand. Once we become aware and begin to apply these principles within ourselves and engage with life itself everything becomes clearer and more meaningful. Life is our purpose. The simplicity and complexity are equally true.
  • AliNishu
    Life Changing
    Michael Singer’s teachings of surrendering to life and living untethered are truly eye opening for the soul. Never have I felt more free and liberated from teachings that help us understand more deeply the beauty of God and our universe, which has nothing to do with our likes and dislikes. I recommend Michael Singer’s books and podcasts to every human being.
  • Rose75252
    Life Changing
    Wonderful podcast with life changing advice! Great addition to his 2 amazing books. Highly recommend!!!
  • DByogi
    Michael singer podcasts
    These teachings are so so very simple to understand - and so very hard to do. They require consistent awareness of your mental and emotional state while at the same time allowing the complete liberation of not being attached to the state you are in at any given moment. Not easy to do , but with practice it can become second nature and effortless. Amazingly it is the single most liberating philosophical mindset I have ever encountered. THANK YOU , Michael Singer, for this gift. It has literally changed my life.
  • Ocean droplet
    Rings true deep within soul. Love it all! Thank you Michael Singer for being masterful!
  • jellybean1961
    Wonderful stuff
    If you’re jonesing for more Michael Singer talks - there is a Facebook group called “Living Untethered and the Untethered Soul Study Group” where they have posted a spreadsheet with links to all his talks that has given at his Temple of the Universe. Join and you’ll gain access to it. Namaste.
  • harley305
    Life changing
    Michael speaks some life changing information, don’t pass any of his work up.
  • blancaf5723
    Untether soul and living untethered
    I enjoyed his audiobooks and interviews but here it’s a different thing I don’t know if he’s doing purposely but he gets excited and starts talking very fast in a high pitch voice and I know it’s about spiritually and letting go but it’s annoying
  • ArtWindows
    My “go to” guy for any crisis in my life.
    I just wish there were more episodes, although you can get what he has to say from any one of them. A concise, no nonsense, brilliant speaker.
    Wonderful Books, Lovely podcast.
    Thank you for developing a wonderful series of tools. 🙏🏼❤️
  • Cindy<3Rae
    I am so grateful to have found, or have come across Michael Singer in my lifetime here on this beautiful planet. This podcast is inducing a change within my mind that is bringing peace to my very busy empathic brain. Whew, it’s a relief I can actually FEEL. Thank you Micky ❤️CindyRae✌️
  • iwowyou
    I learn the theory and practice here
    I’m so grateful that I can listen here and apply this to my daily life. Then,come back here and remember and say, “ohhhhh yeah, okay next time….” Thank you Tami, thank you Michael, thank you God and Divine Masters, Sri Yogananda, Sri Yukteswar🥰 I can breathe, I can become aware and choose again.
  • Sjm127127
    Beyond grateful
    Came upon this Podcast as if the Universe sent it to me when I truly needed it. I’ve listening to the whole series many times. Michael’s words and message resonate unlike what I’ve ever heard before (and I’ve heard a lot!) I’m putting his lessons to work and finally hopefully to be free of the mind that has held me prisoner for so long.
  • cloeyyyy:)
    so interesting & insightful
    so grateful i found this podcast!! he puts so much wisdom in these episodes<3
  • Julia Fehrenbacher
    Thank you thank you thank you. 🙏
  • Brooks Mills
    Grateful for this helpful, thoughtful content.
  • Mike Kitko
    When I think of Michael Singer, I think of one word. Liberation. When you implement these concepts into your daily life, your life will never be the same again.
  • JamaicanaOneikaaaaaa
    Life Changing
    This podcast has changed my life and the way I live and view it. I can’t even put it into words. I’m very grateful for these teachings and the simple ways he breaks down star mind which is the most complex thing in the world.
  • ELmom3251020
    Pure gold!
    I’ve listened to several podcasts and Michael Singer’s is simply the best!
  • jenutt
    Absolutely life transforming /shaping
    In my quest for uncovering who I am and what is my purpose and after multiple high anxiety painful experiences, I ran into his book “The untethered Soul” and then this podcast. I have been listening, taking notes, practicing and listening, observing. It’s only been a week but I can start to feel something happening which is heart warming and exciting. I highly recommend taking a dive to finding peace even among chaos.
  • Papayaguy
    Highest of the High
    This is top quality and worth listening to, every episode, multiple times. Simple yet profound. This. Is. It.
  • Kinoeyetay
    Life changing
    His book is life changing. Discovered it in 2019 and have been adopting and applying the lessons since. This podcast is another tool. Just listening to it a few minutes a day changes my day.
  • aggy mae lee
    Michael Singer
    I would love hearing what Michael has to say- if he would but speak a little slower. In person-talk racing faster than the speed of light is okay because I can see the face of the person and read their lips and get on the excitement train. Trying to follow him on this podcast is totally irritating. Sorry. The content is good, what I’ve forced myself to listen to several times in a row before I had to turn it off.
  • AnchorageAkgirl
    I Hope He Can Continue These!
    I really love what Michael has to say and I really hope he will be continuing to add content to his podcast ! Thank you Michael Singer 🙏🏻
  • MissyHou
    My fave place for freedom and wisdom
    I look forward each week to Mickey’s teachings. It’s just so applicable and sensible and gives me hope and faith that I can indeed surrender to life as it is.
  • Faith Dodson
    Wonderful Message
    Love listening to this Podcast.
  • Lorriana
    I can’t stop listening …
    …. Erm, does anybody know if Michael Singer got a listening device and implanted it in my skull???! WOW! How is he this insightful??! What a BRILLIANT and fun and real and beautiful teaching!!! Thank you so much Mr Singer for your incredible work !!!!! I have listened to all the episodes twice !!
  • D.Heaps
    Incredible Teacher
    Michael is so clear and concise, and handles all of this subject matter with such lightness, humor, and love.
  • Windfaith
    Clear and simple
    Some of the most sage advice on the internet delivered in such a simple, bright, and clear and clear manner.
  • ❤️Brandi
    Life changing!
    I just read The Untethered Soul and had to listen to Michael Singer’s podcasts! I can’t get enough. Light bulb moments constantly. So good!!! I just purchased the Guided Journal too! I feel like I can learn so much and work towards a much brighter future… without that voice in my head that drives me crazy! 🙏🏼
  • sickofmyjob
    Goldmine podcasts!
    Can’t wait for the next one! These are GOLD!! Thank you so much for sharing these, Michael! 😇🤗🙏
  • CLO-1134
    Great podcast, but where is Episode 5?
  • Horses4everjumper
    Life changing
    Absolutely and simply life changing. You will carry the gems Mr. Singer shares forever.
  • Lauren P in DC
    Great Wisdom- But S1 Episode 5?
    The first four episodes were great but what ever happened to Episode 5 of Season 1?
    Love this
    Life changing !
  • giz416
    More Please…
    I read the Untethered Soul and listened to these incredibly helpful, common sense podcasts. Do hope Michael will post more. Thank you Micheal for sharing your wisdom with us.
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