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Theresa Caputo – better known to millions of fans as the “Long Island Medium” from the hit reality series of the same name – provides virtual readings to people from around the world, providing closure as they commune with their departed loved ones.On HEY SPIRIT!, Theresa channels the souls of those who have passed, conducts Q&As with people from all over the world and shares feel-good tips from her everyday life on how to enjoy a healthier and happier time on earth. When she connects with angels, loved ones, and guides on the other side—souls she refers to as “Spirit”—Theresa will help guests work through their related grief to help them heal and move forward with peace and self-assurance. This podcast will also allow for Theresa’s fans, callers, and guests—maybe even a few surprise celebs!—to have the rare opportunity to get a reading and receive healing messages.At least that’s the plan for now. You never know what will happen when Spirit enters the room! If you’d like to ask Theresa a question or have a chance at a reading, you can leave a message at 1-866-TCAPUTOFacebook - shorturl.at/zDHKQInstagram - @theresacaputoTwitter- @TheresacaputoTikTok-@theresa_caputoWebsite-https://www.theresacaputo.com

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  • leelee40
    One day!
    I love Theresa…..as with everyone else I hope I get to meet her one day either in person on phone or zoom!!!
  • IdontWanbaNickName
    Love love love love love
    I cannot get enough of Theresa I pray one day that I can meet her and speak with her and hug her gosh I can’t say enough without completely sounding/seeming obsessed lol
  • Aj Thorpe87
    You’re the best
    Hey Teresa, thank you for all the good you do. After I lost my dad 15 years ago your show helped me get through the hardest time in my life. I moved on and became a therapist. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to get a private reading.
  • boopfree
    Earth Angel
    Hi , I watch your show faithfully but did not know you had a podcast until I watched the episode of beyond the reading. Omg I can’t wait to binge listen to these podcasts, knowing how wonderful the show is these have to be to. I could never expect anything more then to watch n listen to Theresa but I see her as a Earth Angel for all of the people she touches through her life and I know her gift is God given not some kind of scam or something that as some religious people believe is dark arts evil practitioners she has proven that by openly allow people to accept or not accept the gift she has for them. Your biggest fan Earth Angel Theresa n I wish for you continue happiness abundance n healthy life with peace n grace from our Heavenly Father above. Sincerely, Vickie Renick Small town girl ohio
  • Jo-Ann Lea
    Thank you Theresa
    Love the podcasts. Just saw your live show in Jacksonville Fl it was amazing!! I’ve never missed your shows when you come to town. I laugh I cry I use a lot of tissues lol! I hope I can talk with you sometime, I’ve been in the list like so many others forever. You are phenomenal 💕💕💕 love ya!! Jo-Ann Miner, Melrose Fl
  • lynn2266
    T Your amazing
    Hello! I love your podcast and your TV shows. Am so sorry for mean people about Victoria She is Beautiful and A Blessing. She gave u the Best gift ever! . Love seeing her and the baby on your show💗Am a Granny old Girl with just boys. Waiting for that Granddaughter. If and when you come to Chicago would love to see you. Have a Blessed and Happy Day. 😄
  • Kathy... A Twitter Fan!!
    Volume up please!!
    Theresa is the BEST. Love this woman and her gifts to heal us and she’s just special to have communication with our special souls that made the transition. Just asking a favor from the podcasts.. my volume is up totally but hers is very low!!!!! Thought my hearing is going bad… but it’s just the podcast issue. PLEASE … can you adjust it so we can hear it better?? Thank you!!
  • DigitalDeb
    Love Theresa!
    I love Theresa, love the podcast (and her shows)! My only complaint is that the volume on the podcast is so much lower than other podcasts. It's hard to hear if I'm not connected to a speaker or headphones. (I'm telling you so tat you might be able to correct this.) thanks!
  • Wendi76
    Episode 4 Season 5 12/1/22
    I had my reading with Theresa in 2022 and it was amazing!! I can’t believe I never wrote a review, forgive me for taking so long Theresa. It was truly a dream come true that I received that email. I actually thought it was a scam or something at first. I had longed to hear from my son. I saw multiple mediums but no one really came out and said anything about him. So being that she was shocked that his little soul said so much, it validated to me that he truly is here with me & he came through. I needed the best of the best to Channel him for me in order for me to get some peace, which my reading sure did! I just went on a walk on my lunch break and listened to it again and picked up on so much that I really missed the other two times of listening to it. As I was walking I looked at my watch and it was 1:11!!! Another sign I connect to him. 11:11 is the main one but anytime it’s 1 time, (2:22, 3:33, ect), I think of him. ♥️ THANK YOU so much for sharing your gift and bringing so much peace to others. Rest easy my sweet Lawson Jules 4/13-4/14
  • KmichelleNMW
    Awesome Experience To Witness
    I just came here to say, Theresa!!! I absolutely love Long Island medium, listening to your podcast, and hearing everyone’s stories and experiences. One thing I must say is I have also been to the live experience, witnessing live is so crazy & no matter what she never disappoints! Thank you Theresa!!
  • Glo.bug
    Keep doing what you do 🥰
    Love you 🥰🥰 Thank you!! For what you do 💕💕💕💕💕💕
  • TaraMPaci
    The Experience Reading
    I was blessed to receive a reading from Theresa at her 8/19/23 show. I still can’t believe it happened to me. I went to the show not expecting to get a reading but knowing it could be a possibility because my Dad was one of a kind & loved the attention on him. I lost my Dad in June of this year unexpectedly in his sleep. Even though he had cancer for a year and was in remission this was a complete shock. Theresa you brought me the Peace that I so desperately needed. You mentioned things that only he would know. I can never thank you enough for this beautiful memory! I only pray that I will have the chance to speak to you again someday❤️Tara Pacifico
  • Meflu
    I just love all your readings So healing for everyone You truly are a gift
  • jernicsal21
    The comfort you give me.
    I watched your show in the beginning and some point lost interest or just busy with babies and life. I lost my grandfather, my step mom, my step dad all in such a short time not to mention over the years so many close to me for sure felt like I was being punished but podcasts became my escape then I saw you had your own…from the first episode there is a lil something that I can connect some how or just find answers thru others and peace inside knowing they are with me. I will admit if I don’t hear an episode at least 1-2 a week I feel off and overwhelmed. So thank you maybe someday I’ll get the courage to call the hotline…
  • tarah212
    Everyone I have soul connections with Die
    All my memories are of people who have passed away. Everyone I love passes away on me , why , and it’s the people whom I love so deeply . I will say listening to you brings peace in my heart when days are dark for me so thank you
  • meoneill09
    Thank you for sharing your gift,
    My husband passed nearly five years now, In not sleeping at that time, I discovered Long Island Medium on my streaming channels. I first started listening to you because your Long Island accent was very close to my husband’s Brooklyn accent and it comforted me. Next thing I knew I was mesmerized by you gift and accuracy of spirit sharing for the grieving family members. I would love to have a reading at a future date because you are the real deal!!! I also love your close knit family and are happy it has grown to include your granddaughter.
  • Me myself and I oh no
    Love Hey Spirit
    You don’t know how much it helps me to hear you talk with people’s loved ones. You help so many folks as death is a permanent and difficult time. I really appreciate your podcast. 💙
  • Ras Erasmus
    100/5 Stars
    Hey Spirit! is an incredible podcast that provides an extraordinary opportunity for listeners to connect with their departed loved ones through Theresa. Her remarkable ability to establish connections with the other side and effectively convey the messages to us in the physical world is truly awe-inspiring. I can confidently say that every listener, including myself, yearns for the chance to experience such a connection. This podcast goes above and beyond, earning a rating of 100 out of 5 stars from me. By listening to the heartfelt stories shared by others, I have found solace and healing. As a devoted listener, I eagerly anticipate the day when I can have a personal reading and join the ever-growing Hey Spirit family.
  • NikkiRabon
    You are so beautiful and wonderful, the way you help others! I wish I could talk with you, I long for help with my grief and and hurt so much😭😭 Teresa keep up with your calling of helping people, I pray one day I can have this experience with you… Thank you, Nikki
  • maple1976
    Thank you❤️
    Love all that you do with the gift spirit gave you. I would for you to do some episodes about how your gift came along.
  • Shamera Peay
    I love you
    You are an amazing person and so blessed for what you do I pray to get a reading one day
  • Kalistyle
    Love love love!!!
    I’ve seen you in Bakersfield and didn’t get a reading but other I know did. It was a great experience and love watching your episodes on tv. Now hearing you on pod cast. I bought my tickets in Bakersfield originally for my best friends daughter he mother was murder when she was young and is still open so I would to have loved to see if you would of a reading.
  • sanova57
    Best podcast
    Theresa Caputo is absolutely the best psychic around. It’s not just what she knows but how she presents what she knows. I think she is very compassionate and caring and she delivers his message to spot on. I will be a forever listener.
  • Donna07042018
    Fentanyl/Murder Reading
    Good afternoon, I sent my daughter place of my self. My brother die of a Fentanyl overdose. I found my brother in a pool of blood. Us as a family always expected it was more. I wasn’t able to attend because my birth mother passed away In Vermont on the same day as your Fort Myers show. So, my daughter went in my place.
  • Sad Diana.
    Balm to my soul
    Listening to Theresa every night, playing again and again every episode, gives me peace to be able to sleep, and keep a high hopes that my loved ones that passed away are with me; waiting to hear from them or see the signs that they are close all the time. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift.
  • Parsnips3
    She’s so real❤️
    Love Theresa and was lucky to meet her in person. She is exactly who you see on tv and hear on podcasts. Even though I’ve not had a personal reading - as she said when I saw her in San Diego- things she talks about does pertain to others. This is my favorite podcast!
  • Angelamia
    I just saw Teresa at Wellmont theatre in Montclair, NJ She was unbelievable! I cried and laughed! She is so funny but omg she is so amazing. I would love to see her again and again ! Please come back to NJ. Maybe MPAC in Morristown, NJ?
  • lisac619
    Theresa Caputo is amazing
    I love Theresa Caputo and I saw her twice and she is amazing and I never had a reading but how I wish I could one day be picked for Hey Spirit.
  • Myfirstopen
    Theresa’s readings give me hope. There’s a part on every episode that resonates with me. 💖
  • meeshel68
    Seeing her live
    I recently had the joy of seeing Teresa in person in my hometown of Visalia ca. let me just say, if you ever get the chance to see her GO!!! She is the real thing, I had two loved ones come thru with her as she walked around the room, it wasn’t a one on one experience but as she said in her readings that many souls come thru to her at one time, the things she was saying and communicating to us I knew it was my mom and my brother speaking to me about the grief I had been feeling from both of their deaths. Their deaths were both different but both tragic not by natural causes😞 she has given me some clarity and some emotional relief that I’ve been caring since my mom and brother both died over 10 years ago, again if you get the chance to listen, see or watch her do it! Thank you Teresa for your guidance of the souls Michelle
  • suprlkrfan
    Special, heartfelt podcast!
    Theresa has an amazing gift! I’m so glad she’s doing a podcast now, because I love listening to how she helps people heal by connecting to Spirit. Have those tissues ready because crying will probably happen. It’s a sincere, heartfelt podcast, and I’m grateful it’s around!
  • Kath_Jane
    I love listening to the messages. It gives me relief that my loved ones are with me. I always learn something new with each reading. This is an amazing calming podcast.
  • JJJJJJ4309
    Love ❤️
    Absolutely love the podcast!
  • JerseyOma
    Could it Be? Hmm
    Been following Theresa since her 1st season and now that I can’t see her in tv, this podcast has been a Godsend. Almost everytime I listen, the messages that TC gives to her guest will have meaning for me. It’s like the reading was for me. I just listened again after many weeks away 11/4/22 and sure enough not only was she spot on for the guests but also for me line I was being lead to listen. Im feeling a calm & happiness around me & would someday, if it’s my spirit’s will, love to discuss it with Theresa and see if it truly is my dear family & friends. Thank you Theresa for developing & sharing your gift and giving our loved ones a voice here on earth. Janet W
  • sleepwlkrr
    I love you Theresa, but…
    Just one word of advice after listening to many episodes, if I may: You don’t need to explain or defend yourself anymore. Those who spend the time to listen and research you, will understand you’re the real deal. You don’t need to say things like “How would I know that?” or “You had an amazing reading today”. Let the readings speak for themselves - which they certainly do, to those of us who have an open mind. I say this all with love. You are a Light in these times of uncertainty, and I hope our paths cross someday. Blessings
  • Rvoter
    5 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    I love everything about this podcast!!!
  • luvfromdallas
    Luv Luv Hey Spirit!
    So grateful Theresa started this podcast after all those years on TV to listen to her incredible gift of channeling again — It is such an extraordinary experience when, we as listeners, have our own ‘Awake Visitation’ by some of the combinations of thoughts shared during the reading with our own loved ones! It’s like we were supposed to hear exactly what we did at the time we did! It’s a collective Thank You for being such a fun, beautiful vessel who knows how to express this ‘heavenly’ gift!!!
  • azleighmn
    Amazing and helpful in the healing process💜
    Theresa shares her gift so humbly and is a true gift to all who listen!
  • Austinmom2016
    Love Theresa
    I’m a medium myself and love listening to these readings!
  • Rozylou
    Thank You Theresa
    I love your podcast , I listen to it on my commute home from work which sometimes can be 1 1/2-3 hours , it helps to relax and fills me with such hope and peace . I hope someday to speak with you . We go to your show whenever you are in the Bay Area , this podcast has helped me so much to understand and really accept the grief I’m trying to work through . Thank You for Everything you do for the World !!
  • Conscious_Marketing_&_PR
    Theresa is a blessing!
    Theresa is a blessing. This podcast is so uplifting to our spirits, it gives you a splash of hope and peace. I highly recommend!
  • babe3538
    You my dear are magnificent!
    I love love “Hey Spirit” podcasts!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • MelSantilli
    Everything becomes clear within this full circle
    I just have to say that Iv always watched the shows from day one, every single episode, and now every Thursday listen to the new podcasts…… today’s episode “ Everything becomes clear within this full circle” was the MOST amazing, romantic, tragic, chilling, reading Iv EVER heard! WOW!!!! Iv always been a believer but this one… wow…. Everything was completely on point. From the beginning of this reading you would of never guessed how it would of which way it was going or how it ended… Theresa your amazing! Xoxo -Melody
  • NYPRWisdom
    Waiting for you forever!
    Hi Theresa I have admired your blessing of communication with those who have passed on. I wanted to reach you again because my soul and spirit are lost. I wonder the earth unhappy and lost without answers....why??? I miss my sister and my first love. I know where I've been in life but my future is vague with a bunch of unanswered questions that prevent me from seeing clearly. If you get a chance to come to Atlanta, GA please let me know. I've watched you for year's on bringing closer and meaning to lost souls. Throughout the years, I have periodically reached out to you. I've lived in California, then Florida, then North Carolina, and planted in GA for life because my daughter bought a new house I live with her and the family. Please consider me if you come out this way. With much graditude, Stehanie
  • whowhowho2
    Lost me
    If you really listen you'll notice how much she fishes for information. She is great at listening to what is told to her, and using it to her advantage. She has a gift for cold readings. I believe in mediums, but not Theresa.
  • Chrissy ( Daisy May ) ⚓️💜
    I would be so grateful for a reading 💜
    I would be so grateful for a reading from you.
  • danamarie0125
    I would do anything for a reading from my mom! Such a wonderful gift you have. Sign me up!! 🙏🙏🙏
  • wendybader
    Fabulous, loving, caring readings
    I need a private reading!! How do I make this happen?
  • Fitbit 0517
    I am a believer 💛
    I would love ❤️ to meet Theresa and see if she can channel my loved ones!
  • yoga2574
    Such a blessing!
    Theresa is just like your best friend, who lives down the street..who talks to dead people! She just seems so real & down to earth
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