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Science #227Physics #6

Two University of Toronto students in the math and physics program discuss interesting topics in the field.

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  • littleg_gravity
    Awesome podcast 💪
    A lot of people complain about the topics not being straightly called out or explained one way, but honestly most these topics have an endless way of explaining them 🤷‍♂️ keep doing what you’re doing and keep being yourselves! Much love dudes ! (If you don’t understand something they say, research it, come back and try and put 2 and 2 together! Get an idea of the topic for yourself because everyone will have a different understanding or opinionated answer to these questions or topics)
  • MSUcatz1
    For the podcast algorithm gods
    To future podcast lister. If you read this, and listen, after enjoyed the show you must comment and 5 stars. Give ‘em a reward for the hard work they put into the episode.
    It’s good but….
    It’s great for background noise But even if I listen to the episodes 5 times the Facts still won’t stick :P
  • ProfessorAlpine
    Fun podcast
    I enjoyed the episode on rotational motion. I wish the podcasters were a little more sure of their information though. There are points of the episode where the have to change the info or check the other person’s idea and it can be confusing. Other than that, it’s a ton of fun.
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