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Sopranos co-stars Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa host the definitive Sopranos re-watch podcast. Michael and Steve follow the Sopranos series episode by episode giving fans all the inside info, behind the scenes stories and little-known facts that could only come from someone on the inside. Talking Sopranos also features interviews with additional cast members, producers, writers, production crew and special guests. Along with talking about the Sopranos, Michael and Steve will also share candid conversations about the entertainment business, their friendship and all the folks they’ve met along the way. This is a must listen for all Sopranos fans.

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  • Jahdkf
    Steve Schirripa is a pretentious, entitled douche
    Steve is quite literally the most miserable piece of garbage i’ve ever heard. He thinks he has some sort of a moral core, but what he really wants is for everybody to focus on him, sing his praises, and be as stupid as he is. If anyone says something he’s too stupid to understand, he gets personally offended. Hard to imagine anyone caring about that man. Hope he realizes what a true failure he is before he dies.
  • fruitsalita
    What am I gonna do?
    When I finish viewing The Sopranos for the second time and listening to this podcast after each episode? The analysis of each scene is fun, informative and deep! Michael and Steve complement each other very nicely, presenting different types of participant observers of both the show and life itself! Thanks!
  • Wheezer91
    2 friends that secretly hate each other
    Great show!! Can’t get more entertaining than this. These 2 guys really can’t stand each other but the show still works. Good Sopranos insight as well
  • Bendohh
    Love you guys!!!
    They need to come back and breakdown other shows and movies
  • Jlvrabdeb
    Great show however…
    Time has not been kind, even in a few short 4 years. They exalt Wiidy Allen, excuse Mario batali. It’s gross. Michael won’t eat meat but he’ll defend sexual predators nonstop. Steve describes several Black men as “well spoken” or “articulate”. Look, I love this show, love these guys but their world view is limited.
    Really enjoying the shows guys, thanks much!
  • Krauty 1234567
    Love these guys and their insights. Honest with no apologies. Only criticism is the sound levels between the show and commercials is jarring. Very loud ads.
  • Digjazzalot
    Just superb!
    This is a dream come true and it’s really well done. Steve and Michael are superb. Intelligent and insightful, hilarious at times, analytical. It’s perfect. The guests add delicious details to the Sopranos universe. By the way, Steve is now one of my favorites - he’s just so good and does a terrific job. Both a warm and funny. Add to the allure of it all!
  • Frank and Cressa Dovigh
    Great show. Love the inside baseball. Can’t believe I just found this. Great job.
  • Mightymouse9262
    Love it!
    I’m watching sopranos for the first time, binge watching of course, and I heard about this podcast on another podcast. I’m very pleased with this so far and it’s nice to have their inside view on the show. This is very entertaining
  • EekSpider
    Fun, insightful, relevant...
    I am thoroughly enjoying all the details shared by Mr Imperioli and Mr Schirripa (and guests)…I just finished watching the Sopranos for the third time, and every rewatching brings a new level of understanding and enjoyment. I just discovered this podcast and yet ANOTHER level of appreciation of this amazing show…. Mr Imperioli and Mr Shirripa offer delightful, complementary viewpoints that continue to captivate me as much as the show does. I am especially intrigued by the honesty and generosity of the two actors’ openness of their experiences on and off screen. Thank you, gents!
  • bun show
    I love this podcast so much. Michael is so insightful and patient. Steve likes to tell his stories about back in the day and Michaels subtle jokes about his repeat stories crack me up. I love how every guest they have holds the entire cast in such high regard. Just all around the perfect listen.
  • 67mgb
    Won’t forgettaboutit.
    Watched all of the episodes of the show, when they happened, several times over. Fast forward to summer of 2023. Was doing home renovations and needed something to listen to. Loved Steve & Michael’s podcast. So insightful, things that went right over my head originally. Michael’s interpretation of the music and Buddhist philosophy-made me appreciate this incredible series even more. Steve’s goofy everyday guy take on things (especially the mayonnaise concept), was comical. I miss The Soprano’s, now I’m going to miss this podcast, too.
  • stonecold6935
    Beware of Steve’s Ego
    My god every episode instead of talking about the episode Steve has to bring up the time Michael “high hatted” him to every single guest that comes on and brings it up even when there isn’t a guest on
  • Bub329
    Best podcast EVER!!!
    I barely found out about a month ago about the Talking Sopranos Podcast. So I’m about 3 years late to the party. Lol I am close to the end of all the episodes of the podcast. Listen to several episodes during my work day. I absolutely love it. Michael and Steve are great together. Making me laugh and making my work day more tolerable. Great insight on each episode of The Sopranos show. Great stories. I have totally put all the other podcasts on hold right now as I’m currently only listen to this one. I’m kinda sad I’m almost to the end of it. Highly recommend this podcast for any fan of The Sopranos.
  • SusTedyy
    Round 2
    I loved watching Sopranos when it first aired. Got me through college. Something to look forward to each week away from the books. So glad I found this podcast and I re watched the series and could not stop smiling at the wonderful acting. This podcast hosts work well together and I have an even better appreciation for the show. Thanks for breaking it down. You guys are great.
  • Eriked
    Thanks guys!
    I’m rewatching the show for the umpteenth time. I absolutely love this podcast. You guys are so great. Your banter and honest reflections are both insightful and ridiculously hilarious. So appreciate it!
  • tbenn62
    5 stars if Michael was Solo Host
    Steve was simply awful close minded superficial and came off as very unintelligent. Michael, however was outstanding -sharing amazing observations stories and insights. I wish Steve had been schooled on interruptions yelling and juvenile opinions so the show would have become more well rounded. The guest stars were perfect.
  • stevierayhendrix
    Quasimodo predicted this show!!!!
    In the full quatrain writings of prophet quasimodo i found a chilling prediction. Here is the prophecy- a walking calzone will join with a high hat. At first love but turning to hate. He sweats his balls off. His faddah had a goomada.
  • sav sav
    Best Pod Cast Ever!
    I too did not discover this Pod Cast until it was over. It has gotten me through my long commute to work and back this year. For those Soprano Fans who still miss the show, this pod cast will definitely help ease the pain! Besides learning more about my favorite show, hearing the interviews with fabulous cast/crew members, and the very entertaining relationship between Michael and Steve; this pod cast often has me laughing out loud! This pod cast is a must for any Soprano fan!! I can’t recommend it highly enough!!
  • Z80 Inside™
    Huge Sopranos fan
    I've practically memorized this show, so I was sad to discover this podcast way after it ended. Contrary to what some reviews say, Steve provides great yang to Michael's yin - the former is clearly not shy of expressing his opinions and loves the sound of his voice, while the latter is the sound of reason and balance - together, they make the show very enjoyable. Michael in particular comes across as a very intelligent guy, and someone you can listen to for hours - Steve is a bit of a big-mouth, but very entertaining nonetheless. Great show, worth a listen, and just like the timeless TV show, I expect it to be my go-to replay material any time I get bored.
  • RayR1234
    Could have been much better
    What could have blossomed into an artistic dissection was nipped at the bud. One host you could tell really appreciated acting for acting and symbolism and intent. The other verbalized seemingly weekly they didn’t want to be there and favored a more shallow overview. This disconnect between the two hosts resulted in a podcast that I’d akin to simply hearing the series; scenes discussed with little to no explanation or “talking.” Was frustrating to listen to.
  • titothefilmfan
    Wildly insightful
    Listening to it has become the highlight of my day. It helps fill the “Sopranos” size hole in my day I’ve missed since finishing all 86 episodes. Incredible guests and stories.
  • WGX3
    Made in America
    Couldn’t have agreed more with Steve about Carmela. After watching the series a second time, she comes across as one of the most despicable characters in the entire show. I didn’t feel that way about her the first time watching.
  • Bob7458
    Listening Again
    I forgot how great the podcast is. I've missed it so much, especially since the first time through was during the pandemic. Like so many others, I was working from home (along with a fair amount of kicking back) for nearly two full years. I'm glad that it's still posted and I hope it stays up for a while to come. Even though I don't listen every day, I binge listen like I do The Sopranos. Thank you to Steve and Michael for all of the laughs and insight that you offered along the way.
  • Dashed expectations
    If you like spoilers!…
    I hate to give this three stars because it is full of five star content. But: Spoilers! They occasionally leak a spoiler during the episode recap. But they routinely let loose with key spoilers during interviews. And then they don’t talk to the interview subject about the episode that they are focusing on that week, even though that person is a key figure in that episode. Sandwiches? To get to the gems in the recaps you have to wade through a lot of blather. They mention in a scene how Christopher threw a sandwich at someone and use it to leap into a 20-minute discussion of the best sandwiches they ever ate. It’s typical. Sometimes the diversions are interesting or funny but those are also gems in the blather.
  • L0u$
    Feels good to hear familiar voices
    I remember when the sopranos first premiered my older brother putting it on HBO, cam back this year to watch it again and don’t know why I took so long. Pauline and Christopher where my favorites and had a good run together on the show. I appreciate the foundation this show set for future shows. The pod cast is great and if you’re a fan you’ll appreciate Michael and Steve going back and forth as they interview some great cast members. Come back and do some more, after he 5th episode I got attached now I don’t have anymore content!
  • Wren1961
    Too much of Steve
    I wanted to love this podcast but by episode 4 I couldn’t take the interruptions & constant chatter from Steve. Someone should’ve pulled him up a bit at the beginning of the show. Michael was great.
  • Julezzzzzz22
    This podcast really got me through a really dark time in my life. For that I am extremely grateful.
  • Nicky Roma
    Such an amazing show
    Love this podcast such a great insite from actors who have been there first hand. Now being Italian American and coming from Jersey it was such an honor to see a lot of the places I see on a daily basis and share a lot of the simile familia circumstances. Now my question for you gentlemen is this….first if you could have played any other character than the one you played who would it be? Second if you could change any part of the storyline (not kill someone, change the outcome of a characters fate) what would it be and why? I saw the series for the first time right before the pandemic started and loved the show….. I think I’m on my 10th time watching the series…..and I still find new things I didn’t see before. Thank you again for giving us all such an amazing show to come home to and watch. Take care and God bless and I look forward to seeing your next pieces of work.
  • Alu812
    Soprano fans must listen!!!
    The banter makes this podcast!!! The fact people don’t get the yin and yang of Michael and Steve makes me think they didn’t even watch the Sopranos. The duality of the sopranos is highlighted and carried throughout so many story lines and the fact that Michael and Steve can carry that through the podcast is dead on. Absolute must listen for true fans!! I I have questions each week and wish I could ask… sad I am just now finding it!
  • HelloPeetsByeStarbucks
    Come back for a Paulie Walnuts tribute podcast!
  • 1tusk
    You know , Quasi Motto predicted this
    I love the Talking Sopranos! Great show a.k.a. podcast. Question is who’s better Steve Schirripa or Michael Imperioli?! The 2X soprano stars delve deep into the prequel for the hit show we all have known and come to love. Ironically Dickie Moltisanti, dad of the character of Christopher Moltisanti, played by Michael Imperioli is the main character of this prequel movie. The podcast dives deep into interviewing all the actors for many of saints, including Michael Gandolfini, James Gandolfini‘s son. A must watch for any true sopranos fan!
  • fy your hh G hhhh
    Great idea, replace Steve.
    I listened to half the Van Zander episode. Whatever insight that Steven and Mike conveyed was smothered in Shripio’s incesent giggling and his stepping all over the other guy’s talking% please fix this!
  • Wern to the ER
    A lot of fun and an update anode view to my favorite show
    Michael and Steve make this podcast a blast to listen and a lot of fun interviews with the folks that produced, acted, and worked behind the scenes of my favorite TV show. Michael and Steve are funny with banter and I have rewatched the series while listening and you learn and see a lot more things. Highly recommended and great for a little g walk or cardio session !
  • scalzmoney
    Like sitting down with a couple of old friends
    This podcast is a lot. They have so many plotlines and story nuances to cover but they seem to do it with ease. Listening to Steve and Michael go episode by episode is like sitting with old friends reminiscing about a favorite tv show. I especially like that they know details about cast and crew like where else we would have seen a certain actor who only had a small part on the show; or how many episodes a director worked on. It's great stuff and it let's you listen without feeling like you're misssing something. So many podcasts about movies and media are presented by hosts who go through whole episodes getting information wrong and they don't fix it. Steve and Michael have done their homework and they've created an awesome addition to the Sopranos legacy.
  • Anthony in R.I.
    Great podcast
    Thanks for doing this podcast Steve and Michael! You both had terrific insights about the show, and the interviews were very informative. I just with there was more.
  • Mark Henn
    Awesome podcast!
    Great insight and details on things you would never know. Steve is hilarious.
  • Jr1234567891011
    Love it
    Great show. Very detailed. Enjoy every minute. I love how Schirripa sounds the same as Bacala. I laugh whenever he’s explaining stuff because I picture Bacala
  • kellym14
    My favorite podcast to my favorite show
    This podcast was everything I needed. The Sopranos is my favorite tv show ever and no one could do a podcast justice for it like Steve and Michael. I’m going to miss them so much I hope they come back some day THANK YOU!!
  • Calamity West
    We miss you!
    So sad the show has ended. Gonna start over!
  • DisPiperGurl7320
    Great insights to a great show!
    I heard about this podcast when Michael was on Adam Carolla’s podcast. I immediately downloaded the podcast and binged on the first six episodes. It’s been several years since I watched The Sopranos, and the insights given make me want to watch each episode again. My husband and I are fans of the show, and he even bought for me The Sopranos cookbooks. Thank you, gentlemen!
  • ItalianFan4Life
    Late to the party but so glad I found my invitation!
    Michael and Steve are the best guides as I revisit the Sopranos for the second time. The guests are wonderful and the inside stories are delightful. Thank you for making me laugh and dig deeper into the meaning and magic behind my favorite show!!!
  • BunnieLebowski
    Amazing chemistry!
    I never expected to enjoy this podcast as much as I do.! Michael and Steve have such a great chemistry and their banter is hilarious. (Although Michael is the real star! He steals the show with his insights and humor.) Even if you haven’t seen the Sopranos you’ll find this podcast very entertaining!
  • RealRee
    Love them
    Listened to the last episode first. I Iove it. I’m having some really good nostalgia! Now to the pilot. You guys are fantastic!
  • disruptspam
    Deconstructing genius
    Love youse two! 💕
  • ToraToraTora86
    An epic body of work
    All good things come to an end, but this one was just wonderful. Thanks to the actors and guests, this was easily the most entertaining and interesting discussion about the show ever.
  • Pattycaker62
    Amazing Podcast
    These guys have got to continue this podcast after we reach the last episode. They have such amazing chemistry and interesting conversations, that I could really listen forever. Keep up the great work guys. I really love your show.
  • 415Rocky415
    Going Out On Top!
    Thank you Michael and Steve. I’m not alone by sharing how much you helped me laugh and think during this pandemic. I would save up each episode for the weekend on my daily hike on Mt Tam near San Francisco. You guys had the balls to do something so different from your normal endeavors and am thrilled you’ve been rewarded by accolades of all kinds. Will miss you!!
  • T❤️/$
    So sad it’s over
    I love this podcast!! The dynamic & insight between Michael & Steve is incredible! I’m so sad it’s over😭 Miss you guys💔🖤 Sopranos FOREVER🤘
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