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Allocator and asset management expert, Ted Seides, conducts in-depth interviews with leaders in the institutional investing industry. Guests include Chief Investment Officers from leading allocators, asset managers, strategists, thought leaders, and many more. Our mission is to learn, share, and help implement the process of premier investors. Learn more and join our community at

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  • Mcarrsmith
    The real oracle.
    I have found Ted’s Capital Allocators an extraordinary source of knowledge on a key topic near and dear to me. Asset Allocation. His reach across the asset allocation space is second to none. Ted is the real Oracle.
  • T Web 23
    The goat
    Ted is the goat of financial interviews. Hands down
  • bharris320
    Ashby Monk
    Ashby Monk said they'll access custodial big data on, in his example 9,000 xxx funds. Really?? That violates the custodian banks’ agreements with their individual clients. He does, in general, reiterate that the herd instinct is intact.
  • AP4fit
    Neal Foard
  • Mecollins
    I think that essential sums it up for me…. This has been my go to podcast every week since the very beginning. Incredible levels of value and insights from the very best in the business!
  • Darin Hurts
    Chamath is a grifter - why promote him?
  • DanielleGilbert
    Nuggets of Wisdom
    Tons of nuggets of Wisdom! Thanks Ted!
  • JFamily_iTunes
    Excellent guests & contents
    Best podcast show in financial world bar none!
  • jjjwb
    Excellent guests!
  • Pandamantic
    Long Time Listener
    This is in the top five for investment podcasts. Ted is the master. Asks the right questions and gets his guests to deeply explore their investment thinking. I've learned a ton.
  • Annual gain
    4-5 minutes of ads
    This podcast begins with 4-5 minutes of ads or other time dedicated to things other than the week’s interview. Cmon Ted! You can do better.
  • anonymous/regular listener
    Great insights for managers and investors
    No matter who Ted speaks to, he consistently uncovers insights for manager, allocators, and literally any service provider that touches both groups. Highly recommend for anyone inside or outside the industry - especially those wanting to learn more.
  • Macro and Credit Investor
    Highly recommend
    Ted does an exceptional job of interviewing a range of investment professionals across a number of asset classes. He is thoughtful and insightful and each interview is an enjoyable experience.
  • Network Sommelier
    Outstanding - Must listen to for anyone who is both fundraising and allocating
    When you want to follow a master capital allocator, who better to follow than someone like Ted who started his career at the Yale University Investment Office. Started listening to his podcasts and now turned into a regular habit. Can not believe I had not seen his work till now. Shame on me! Now this is the guy I wish I had as a mentor when I managed my first Family Office. Highly recommend it.
  • Polo player plus
    Excellent Podcast!
    This podcast has been instrumental in my learning how to think and talk as an allocator and is very highly recommended. Well done Ted!!
  • MPD79S
    Excellent conversations
    What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you? I’ve never met Ted but the pod has consistently been a wonderful source of insight and clear thinking. I’d recommend Capital Allocators to anyone remotely interested in investing, sales, or living an examined life.
  • @BakesTskes_
    Happy Holidays to Ted and his great podcast!...
    The interview with Chamath was fantastic! I am thrilled I found you via Patrick O’Shaugnessy! If you care about investing this is for you. Bakes
  • ehzoxienb
    5 stars
    With deep knowledge of the markets and the world, Ted cuts right to the heart of the topics with incisive questioning and conversation. A new topic each weeks keeps listeners on their toes, eager to learn something new. Throw in the fact that Ted genuinely cares about the interviewee, and you have a truly authentic experience. Phenomenal. Well done, Ted.
  • BB Reiter
    Ted Seides is a terrific interviewer - insightful, warm, funny - and his podcast pulls off a very difficult trick: it’s simultaneously essential to people who have spent their whole careers in the financial world, but also accessible to listeners who have never seen a balance sheet. Highest recommendation.
  • qtfnskkakgy
    Highly Recommend
    Really well constructed interviews and solid insights in how various institutions meet their return goals.
  • Joe Halwax
    Relevant content, great format
    This is a must subscribe podcast for people in finance. Ted has world class guests in a great Joe Rogan - like format, where we learn about the topics and importantly the thought process around decisions. I miss being on flights and having uninterrupted time to listen and concentrate on Capital Allocators! Great work Ted and much appreciated.
  • fpdad1199
    A must listen to Podcast
    Not my dad but definitely one of my favorite podcasts !!
  • hahabvdjabsvauvs
    me too
    that’s my dad too lol
  • seides ryan
    That’s my dad
    He’s my dad
  • obacker19
    Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 🔥
    Whether you’re well established as someone making an impact in the financial world, or just getting started deploying capital - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Ted does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of navigating an ever-evolving financial ecosystem - with leaders who’ve actually walked the path. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
  • LonSSmith
    Capital Allocators
    Capital allocators is the best financial podcast I have encountered so far. It has broadened my horizon and given me access to information and in depth perspectives that would be hard to come by otherwise. And the podcasts are entertaining.
  • joelrharris
    How did Syrian President Bashar al-Assad get a podcast??
  • two_underscores__
    "Yeah" to "meh"
    The earlier episodes with actual asset owners are better and some of them are genuinely good. The more recent episodes (where the focus seems to have become more about selling the audience to giant asset management firms) are like sitting through a meeting at work where I'm staring at the clock on the wall. I used to really look forward to seeing it pop up on Monday mornings, now I kind of dread seeing it appear in the queue and looking at who the guest is.
  • Asoosaar
    Seriously insightful
    Just got turned onto this podcast by a friend who’s also in the business. Ted finds the best investors in this area, and engages them as a peer, and what results is truly insightful. Thanks!
  • rtb7763
    Insightful conversations, stellar content
    Ted is an excellent interviewer, asking well thought and researched questions. As informative as any class I have ever taken.
  • Db201543
    Stellar series - Ted is a great interviewer, and this is easily one of the best and most insightful markets/investment podcasts out there.
  • Ddddlldldlldldldl
    Amazing broad and balanced perspectives
    Ted is always a very balanced host and has different guests than other investing podcasts that really provide a broader view of investing and capital allocation. Truly a must listen for anyone interested in investing.
  • cs123456787
    Great podcast for investment professionals
    As a capital allocator this podcast helps me round out my industry knowledge, make better decisions re: allocation, and be more thoughtful about manager due diligence.
  • BBG_Phd
    Good and bad, but mostly good
    Overall, a deep and thoughtful dive into thought leaders and world class institutional LPs and asset managers. Guests are hit or miss. The majority of the interviews are candid, engrossing and eye-opening but some unremarkable. Episodes are getting a little repetitive. Overall, a worthwhile weekly listen but will skip an episode doesn’t strike me after a few minutes.
  • Randall RDB
    Absolute Treasure Box
    I’ve been in the private equity and alternatives business a lone time, the past half decade on the investments side with a world leading GP. Ted’s podcast is absolute gold. There is no other better source I’ve seen for more candid, thoughtful and sophisticated conversations with leading institutional LPs.
  • Slackerville3
    Investment Strategy Insights
    A true look into the hedge fund and capital management industry. Ted’s interview style and cadence is perfect for the podcast format. The repeat guests with deeper fundamental dives and updates on business cases over time are especially beneficial. Even Buffett would agree this is a good podcast.
  • Billy_Billionaire
    Dear Investment Professionals, I’m writing a review because Capital Allocators continues to inspire and provide insightful perspectives on the deep matters of investing in dynamic economies. Ted Seides, and the production crew bring many personal growth stories, investment insights and life’s perspectives together in every episode. What excites me the most is when I hear guest talk about diversity of thought and perspective and biases across behavioral economics. There is so much work to do and I believe I have the connective insight to begin to capitalize on opportunities, if given the opportunity to model and learn. The major takeaway from every episode for me is that each professional had a mentor or network that provided them their first opportunity to develop. The twists and serendipitous turns along the way inspire me that one-day, regardless of what I lack, someone sees what I have and mentors me. If I continue to seek out mentors, one-day I will find one who can help me. If anyone wants to mentor me, please text me (857)544-6256 #mentor-cap-allo. Thank you in advanced. Paul Black and Jason Karp, to name a few episodes provided insatiable inspiration, hope and investing insight. Paul talked about optimism, and Jason is working on wellness investing, which is the future. There are so many principles and nuggets of wisdom I picked up along the way from many of the guest. Do yourself a favor and listen to multiple episodes of Capital Allocators. Thank you, Aristotle
  • gswarni
    Always learning
    Very interesting. Great content with practical use.
  • CRH 91
    Very strong content and excellent discussions
  • MCC3483
    Very good!
    Great podcast! Excellent content and good mix of guests.
  • joeinjacksonville
    First listen
    This is my first ‘listen’ almost every Monday. The topics are timely and intellectually interesting; the guests are knowledgeable and usually have penetrating insights; and it’s also fun to listen. Joe
  • Brent Nie
    Informative podcast to learn more about the financial management world
    I have a small list of financial podcasts that I listen to and Capital Allocators is one of them. I discovered the podcast through learning about Warren Buffett’s investing philosophy and there are a lot of similarities with Buffett style investing and topics covered in this podcast. I love to hear about the qualitative aspects of investing such as company culture and how to evaluate them. Thanks for all you have done Ted!
  • mikefrank14
    Thank you Ted!
    Great podcast where the podcast host asks wonderful questions. I’ve re-listened to many of the podcasts and continue to extract thoughtful/good information.
  • Unisaw
    Home run
    Ted continues to knock it out of the park. The interview of Jon Harris combines Ted's experience as an investment professional and interviewer with the knowledge of an allocator who is wise beyond his years to produce a thought-provoking, entertaining episode. Capital Allocators is a consistently great podcast that allows its listeners to efficiently benefit from the experience of a variety of highly successful investors.
  • customers123
    Fantastic show
    It’s not easy to find a great interviewer that also has really fascinating guests. Very easy and enjoyable to listen to.
  • sedge15
    High Quality Podcast!
    Ted hosts one of the best investment-oriented podcasts on iTunes. His high-quality conversations span a diverse set of investment professionals and cover a host of different topics. His new “first meeting” episodes further illustrate Ted’s ongoing commitment to his listeners.
  • Michaelpcollins
    Essential listening for asset allocators
    The podcast covers asset allocation and manager selection. Really great topics that don’t get covered in a text book. The host Ted Seides has a great cadence as a host. He has various industry titans as guests, although to the average listener some topics are obscure. At the end of the day it’s a great “inside baseball” view on the industry. Highly recommend!
  • Mburns92
    My CEO Recommended
    I found Capital Allocators by way of recommendation from my CEO. It has become a part of my weekly routine. Ted host a plethora of dynamic guests and iconic names in the industry. They provide not only an interesting take on the financial markets but, business strategy, prioritization, and personal anecdotes.
  • rg6252a
    Great podcast
    Love the style and depth of both offerings.
  • MLdark
    Best podcast for views on asset allocation
    This is an amazing podcast. Ted has the very best asset allocators as guests and the Q&A is great. Ted’s extensive knowledge and experience as an allocator makes this podcast stand out from the rest.
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