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Sex podcast to help committed couples keep it hot! Find hope to keep your marriage and committed relationships emotionally connected and sexually erotic. Certified sex therapist Dr. Laurie Watson is joined by global leader in couples therapy - George Faller, LMFT for an expert, frank and fascinating conversation about sex, love, therapy, relationship dynamics, healthy couples and marriage. We discuss everything from best sexual techniques and solving sexual problems, to building the emotional intimacy necessary for great sex in your relationship! Two therapists bring you sound, concrete tools to reframe your relationship problems and learn how to fall in-love again, rebuild trust, and feel desire. Subscribe to us today!Check out our sponsors!Foria Wellness -- try their excellent sex oils! Their Awaken Arousal and Sex Oil are excellent for enhancing a woman's orgasm! Try it and see! Use the link Foria or use the code 'foreplay' and get 20% off your order!Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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    Apr 19, 2024 – 37:59
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    Apr 12, 2024 – 37:14
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    Apr 5, 2024 – 32:56
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    Mar 29, 2024 – 36:46
  • 432: The Essential Questions to Ask to Understand Your Partner Better
    Mar 22, 2024 – 41:08
  • 431: Mailbag Question: Can You Help Me Fix My Sexless Marriage?
    Mar 15, 2024 – 36:04
  • 430: Understanding Attachment Styles
    Mar 8, 2024 – 35:17
  • 429: What Do Couples Want?
    Mar 1, 2024 – 34:06
  • 428: How to Have a Sexy Marriage with Dr. Corey Allan
    Feb 23, 2024 – 36:07
  • 427: Laughing in Bed
    Feb 16, 2024 – 34:13
  • 426: "Secure Love" with guest Julie Mennano
    Feb 9, 2024 – 34:16
  • 425: Emotions -- The Language of Love
    Feb 1, 2024 – 33:22
  • 424: Science of Love
    Jan 26, 2024 – 37:01
  • 423: Theory of Love
    Jan 19, 2024 – 35:57
  • 422: Oral Sex Do's and Dont's
    Jan 12, 2024 – 36:36
  • 421: Riding the Relationship Waves
    Jan 5, 2024 – 40:27
  • 420: 5 Ways to Recover Your Relationship Fumble
    Dec 29, 2023 – 32:55
  • 419: Putting on the Rizz!
    Dec 22, 2023 – 34:48
  • 418: How to Find Your Way Out of the Shame Abyss
    Dec 15, 2023 – 38:00
  • 417: Make Better Sense of Your Thoughts for Better Sex
    Dec 12, 2023 – 37:18
  • 416: How to Stress Less to Avoid Sexless Holidays
    Dec 1, 2023 – 34:08
  • 415: Dirty Talk
    Nov 24, 2023 – 34:24
  • 414: Help! My partner has a foot fetish. What now?
    Nov 18, 2023 – 35:22
  • 413: The Formula to Unlock Female Desire
    Nov 10, 2023 – 35:43
  • 412: Man Can't Come
    Nov 3, 2023 – 35:33
  • 411: What Women Want
    Oct 27, 2023 – 31:03
  • 410: Recovery from the Negative Sexual Cycle
    Oct 20, 2023 – 32:32
  • 409: What Withdrawers Want
    Oct 13, 2023 – 37:43
  • 408: Desire: Initiating v. Responsiveness
    Oct 6, 2023 – 37:21
  • 407: Embracing the Erotic
    Sep 29, 2023 – 36:43
  • 406: Going Deeper
    Sep 22, 2023 – 37:21
  • 405: 10 Things to Not be Ashamed of During Sex
    Sep 14, 2023 – 40:50
  • 404: 4 Ways Anxiety Kills Your Sex Life and How to Stop It!
    Sep 8, 2023 – 40:25
  • 403: Take the Pressure Off: How to Fix Delayed Ejaculation
    Sep 1, 2023 – 39:23
  • 402: F the Cycle
    Aug 25, 2023 – 43:37
  • 401: How to Not Take it Personally
    Aug 18, 2023 – 38:04
  • 400: Women's Pleasure Techniques - Our 400th Episode!!
    Aug 11, 2023 – 36:56
  • 399: "Help! I'm Not Attracted to My Spouse Anymore."``
    Aug 4, 2023 – 37:30
  • 398: Interview with Dr. Stan Tatkin
    Jul 28, 2023 – 49:16
  • 397: Making Time for Open Heart Moments
    Jul 21, 2023 – 34:16
  • 396: The 'Ins and Outs' of the Simultaneous Orgasm
    Jul 14, 2023 – 34:35
  • 395: How Women Are Wired
    Jul 7, 2023 – 36:21
Recent Reviews
  • NewMama15
    What happened?
    I’ve been a listener for years… Episode 444 I can’t even get through. The editing and music overlap on voices is frustrating. I didn’t even finish the episode. Everything is lost in the music.
  • JTDenton
    These guys are good. Refreshing and entertaining.
  • Scuba/biker
    Great podcast
    A must listen for sex therapy. We love Laurie, she is so wise!!
  • AnneEFT
    I’ve taken trainings with George and Laurie and found them both so useful. Love this resource!
  • Anna 🙂🙂
    Great podcast
    Very informative and a wonderful guide in opening up conversation around sex. Helpful in deepening the sexual relationship
  • RLS 320
    Great show wealth of info
    Laurie is amazing! Such great information she works so hard with her research! Must listen!! George is fun.
  • ptjosh
    Lighting a path-saving a marriage
    Long time listener- initially hoping to spark things up not realizing how far my marriage had actually drifted. By the time the reality was smacking me in the face- I had accumulated so many tools, heard so many role plays, been exposed more directly to attachment and EFT— George and Laurie had been preparing me all the while. Today- we still have work to do but are in an amazing place. This is, in part, due to the podcast that’s all about sex but at the same time — all about so much more.
  • Jkacir
    Info and mood booster!
    Well worth listening, either by topic or in order. Love the football references as well, and his growth and love is always the goal. I’m in a smaller percentile where I crave info, pictures, stimulation, stories even when most people are doing more productive things (like sleeping lol). This podcast was a wonderful find, and channeled my attention in a more productive way than some of the more destructive media options I’ve done before.
  • Gerlach18
    Great stuff
    Love you guys! Keep putting out the good work
  • StasiaGreen
    Hosts too flirty
    Kinda miss Adam! He had a more professional way of speaking about couples/sexual issues. Things are too casual now. It feels uncomfortable when the whole episode is just them flirting. I don’t listen as much because the informational learning part doesn’t seem to be there.
  • Abe Lever
    I wanna be like Laurie
    When I grow-up, I want to be like Laurie. I want to be able to more effectively talk about all the things related to sex and sex-related issues and help others do the same. I want to be more effective in helping others foster better connection and repairing the breaches. I want to be equitable and all the while maintaining my values of fidelity and integrity within the committed relationship and assist those who have drifted find their way back. I am very thankful she has kept this podcast going with her various co-hosts. I continue to tell family and friends and clients about this podcast while I endeavor to dig in and learn and grow too.
  • Bill -Joel
    George js the man
    George is so wise handsome and helpful
  • Bellabrowneyes
    Thank you
    Love your pod cast I’ve had many conversations but nothing changes. I’m the purser female my husband is older so I understand! I’m not alone! And it’s normal.
  • GBDaveP
    Used to be informative, now too many ads
    This Podcast used to be amazing and provide a ton of helpful and useful content but over the last few months there has been more and more ads than actual content. It says the “Podcast” is 38 minutes long but if you add it up there is probably 8-10 minutes of useful dialogue. Too many ads, too many ads about ads, too many plugs for workshops etc. I understand sponsorships and I know many Podcasts are now one big ad but the extra ads gets ridiculous. But, I find myself skipping more ads just to get to the content.
  • mmogrrrl
    Good Quality
    They offer great advice and I think this is something that most of us could benefit from, although a lot of the conversations are very heteronormative… to the point I’m not entirely sure the hosts have ever even met a queer person. If you’re hetero yourself, they do acknowledge that rigid gender roles are silly and sometimes each partner takes a different than traditional role. If you’re in a gay or otherwise queer relationship, the info may be less helpful or you may need to extrapolate away from their heteronormative lens to apply the information to you own life. That said, I do think this show is worth a listen.. I’m just heavily aware that I am clearly not the target audience.
  • PreRunDonut (Darci B)
    Super informative
    Thank you for normalizing these conversations!
  • Mygoofy
    What see you we are W and I are w
  • Monlun5
    Game changer
    This podcast has changed so many aspects of my life! I am so thankful for the wisdom that Laurie and George share with the world. I have rediscovered my sexual self thanks to Laurie! She’s been hiding out way down in my body for 27 years! My relationship w my husband has grown so much and listening to these podcasts has taught us to have conversations about sex that we were never able to have….FOR 27 YEARS! Thank you Thank you George and Laurie. You are truly a gift!
  • KammiG
    Fun Listening
    Fun to listen to but episodes are too short. I can’t believe George is handsome. He sounds so old! :)
  • Patcheak Family
    Insightful and Equipping
    Laurie and George are taking relationships to the next level. By helping couples engage in conversations about sex, intimacy and emotional connection, partners can understand themself and each other better. Come on - who doesn’t want to keep it hawt ;-)??!!
  • J_StayCurious
    5 star podcast!
    This podcast is an essential for your relationship! My husband and I have been listening for almost a year and have felt validated, and learned so many skills to bring to our conversations and our sex.
  • Trapped in Texas
    Great Podcast
    I’ve been listening for over a year. It isn’t always easy. Personal growth is like that. I’ve learned so much about recognizing the cycle and how to escape. I’m a much better communicator now. I look forward to each new episode. Laurie and George strike a balance btw being informative and comforting while also entertaining.
  • ksjdirhd dak
    This is a great podcast which shines a light on the sexual dynamics in each couple. I have learned so much and try to use their techniques in my own relationship to deepen our connection and to better understand the cycles that we are in.
  • Geoplanter
    The Big O!
    Laurie…you little minx! Full-body orgasms and prostrate massages? Yee-oww! Why not throw in a little light spanking while we’re at it? Thank you for sharing! Keep it hot, y’all!
  • jcd05a
    The Best!
    Such a wonderful resource! As a therapist, I recommend Foreplay Radio to all of my couples and have so appreciated what I have learned myself. What a gift Laurie and George give through this podcast, sharing much needed education in a clear way, using empathy, humor, and honor to such a integral part of relationships!
  • KEH82
    The best
    I have learned SO much about relationships and communication through this podcast. The role plays are the most helpful thing I’ve ever heard. I know I’m able to communicate in a better, healthier, more connected way. Thank you so much!!
  • magnificent_seven
    A Must Listen
    Updated Review 1/1/2023: Episode 337 on the topic of Flattery is pure gold. Nothing has brought me more frustration than to have my wife deflect and deny my compliments. This episode puts that dynamic into perspective and has allowed me to relax, take a breath, and start flattering her even more. Original Review: Foreplay Radio is 100% binge worthy. Every episode is full of practical, thoughtful and respectful insights into the dynamics of the sexual relationship. “Episode 182 Virgin Sex” should be required listening for EVERY engaged couple. Fabulous content. Amazing hosts. Thank you for reigniting my adventurous side and helping me explore greater intimacy with my wife of 25 years.
  • dog2324
    Eww I am 12 and this just popped up you need to ✋🏼
  • Babajun2019
    Please don’t waste your time thinking you are going to get excited.
  • Sarah626!
    Have an episode for those that are not interested in sex but wants to have a sexual relationship?
    How do you deal with those who have been sexually abused and/or has health issues that hurts the sex in their marriage? Please watch how you shame those who struggle with lack of desire….this isn’t something we chose. It is here inside of us and we don’t know how or if we can change that. For those that were abused sexually, especially as children, sex is painful, terrifying, PTSD trigger….
  • Horsesareforeverandeverandever
    Lack of thoughtfulness
    Disappointed in the shaming present in the September 1st episode. Repeatedly, both hosts say how “incomprehensible” the concept of lack-of-desire is to them. Okay, not validating complex emotions right off the bat. One of the hosts even laughs about it. She also starts the episode saying how massively sad it would be to hear this from your partner. Not once do we hear them acknowledge how hard it is to be the person with reduced desire, who wants nothing more than to have it. Additionally, they assume that a woman-identifying person is the only one experiencing this, and her “girlfriends”, and that this woman’s husband is the real victim in the scenario. I was excited to give this podcast a chance but this turned me off big time, pun intended.
  • MissyGinger
    This is so helpful! I love the clarification and articulation of confusing and difficult to talk about issues. I have peace of mind that what I’m experiencing is normal. This has given me the courage and confidence to boldly embrace and talk about the most intimate issues. I now have words for all the feelings! Thank you so much!
  • authentic beast
    My fave podcast. Real ways to talk SEX & LTR
    Brava! Truthful, professional, and science-based content all of us can use tonight. (And it won’t embarrass you to listen! Ok, much...) Tho this is definitely a “straight” pod, the relationship work hits it + the how-our-body-actually-works info is invaluable no matter your age or persuasion. Feedback — how ‘bout we mix up those roleplay names? ... Miguel or Jamal, occasionally, rather than Joe? This is SUCH great work, I’d love it if it would be a tad more inclusive, ethnically. We know this baby is heard and enjoyed ‘round the planet. Big thanks to hosts & crew. Keep em comin’.
  • Sozo2U
    Interesting take on the delicate intimacy tango
    Love the analogies. This episode calls both partners out for their contribution to the problem but in a way that identifies the ‘cycle’ as perpetrator, and the couple as co-victims. Has huge merit if both parties can buy into this, the only derailing risk being in not dealing with each one’s own issues (family of origin, abuse, etc.)
  • Saved my marriage
    Amazingly Real and Helpful Advice.
    This has been the most beneficial podcast. The examples, situations, emotions, and vulnerabilities around relationships and sex are spot on. The advice provided is so supportive of both partners regardless of the situation and continually encourages patience, love, compassion, and support. Hands down the best relationship Podcast available.
  • Ed P Therapist
    I love this podcast!!!!!
    I am a psychotherapist and certified EFT therapist in Utah, and I love this podcast on many levels. Professionally it helps me better understand emotional negative cycles and sexual negative cycles, and it helps me be more effective as I work with both my individual and my couples clients - I am doing a better job of helping them them make sense of these difficult cycles that cause so much pain. And personally, this podcast helps my wife and me in our marriage big time. We listen together and it helps! I refer clients to foreplay radio all the time - and my clients and friends rave about foreplay radio. It makes my job easier. Keep the great content coming Laurie and George!
  • ABeachGump
    Marriage Saved!
    After 23 years it was either divorce or a serious reset. My OB/GYN suggested this podcast when I met with her to discuss low libido. This series has truly pulled our marriage out of the abyss. I am forever grateful to Laurie & George for their candid and caring approach to grow and improve connections for husbands & wives inside and outside the bedroom. We are thriving because of putting into practice what this podcast is teaching us!
  • Infamousmexicam
    Changed my life
    What an amazing gift. I had listened once before but wasn’t in an open place to absorb this maxing content. Started back again and it’s changed my life. Thank you George and Laurie
  • Traveling Chris
    Better relationships, better sex
    This show brilliantly blends the scientific and academic world with the everyday world, allowing us regular folk to apply research backed methods to improve our relationships with our partners. I started listening to this podcast to learn how to be a better lover for my partner, and I continue to listen to this podcast so I can be a better partner for my partner. The show respectfully approaches sex, providing space for people with various backgrounds who struggle to communicate about sex: religious upbringing, abuse, zero exposure, recent negative experiences, and many others. The concepts are explained clearly and succinctly, allowing me to enjoy a couple episodes while I mow the lawn or commute to and from work. I also find myself replaying a few episodes, specifically those that address withdrawers mindset and how to engage and support pursuers, to make sure I absorb every morsel of information. I am thankful for having found this show and look forward to each episode.
  • DrakeDraven
    Thank you George and Laurie! You are covering topics that all of us need to be educated on. There are very few of us raised with good healthy relationships with love and sex. I’m learning so much from you! It’s giving me not only valuable information, but now moves that I need to work on! Being a withdrawer this has been so helpful in seeing that my pursuer wasn’t criticizing as I had taken it, it is them fighting for us. It’s not just sex, this crosses over into all aspects of relationship. Thank you so much!
  • Christine3204
    Making difficult concepts understandable
    Thank you Laurie and George for sharing your knowledge with the world! I appreciate the professional yet relatable way you explain relationship and sexual issues and how you connect the two. You’ve helped me deepen my understanding of attachment and have normalized so many experienced for me. Please keep doing what you’re doing! Chris
  • team Steve-xxxx
    Smart pod
    The last five episodes on persuers and withdrawers are something everyone needs to hear. Ever considered changing the name so we can send it to co-workers or family members to prevent any potential funny looks?
  • PPawjames
    Insightful and self reflection
    I listen to a lot of these to help my partner and I learn to communicate better and to discuss the hard things between basic things and sexual needs. This podcast has helped be with being more gentle as I can be a bit abrasive and demanding and it’s allowed me to step out of my shoes to see where my partner could be coming from. We listen to the podcast separately and come together discuss. What stood out, where we related and if we have any apologies or anything we’d like to readdress.
  • nynjluv
    Love it
    Vety enjoyable and very informative. Entertaining with tons of valuable information thank you
  • thisaintnonickname
    Recommended for all humans
    Episodes are just the right length, focused, include perspectives from both men and women. Hosts are active professionals bringing years of experience from working with people of all types. Subscribe to this podcast to keep your love relationships thriving.
  • 2shu
    Fun, helpful, caring.
    Thoughtful, funny and insightful. Always walk away with something learned.
  • Rhybeth
    Changed marriage!!
    My husband and I have been married over 26yrs and we thought all our issues were unique to us and life circumstances; but this podcast has opened our eyes. So many times we would enter into a negative crazy cycle and didn’t know how to break it. Many of times one of us would feel angry and rejected while the other felt hopeless and misunderstood . I didn’t know about “pursuer” and “retriever” which describes us so perfectly sexually and emotionally. It seemed the more we “worked” the further from each other we’d be. It’s given us so much knowledge and tools and it has opened up our eyes that we are not alone. We continue to listen and learn daily and share with friends & family. I wish I would’ve known this info years ago. However we’re now on a journey and looking forward to our relationship on a whole different level thanks to Foreplay Radio podcasts.
  • 444Dad444
    The importance of Laurie and George’s contributions to human well-being cannot be overstated. These podcasts are essential for me in my work with distressed couples and helps to fill in missing but vital pieces in my training. I also find the podcasts to be deeply edifying on a personal level, and my wife and I enjoy listening to them and discussing the various topics. I invite you to take the journey, 300+ episodes and counting, something here for everyone!
  • Mfwright
    I love listening. I do find G a bit too shallow, and his voice is annoying.
  • Jfruecht13
    Foreplay Radio
    AMAZING!!! I find myself sending podcasts to my friends. I am a loyal listener, you can always find a podcast that you can relate to from your past, your present and maybe your future. Keep up the AMAZING work and thank you for the knowledge and help.
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